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Glorious Unmet Expectations: A Story from South Asia

Last week, my sweet lil’ two-wheeler got a flat tire. And though many things move much slower and less conveniently in South Asia, getting a tire fixed isn’t one of them. I walked down the street to find a man with a toolbox and began the process of trying to diagnose and decide on a […]

A Reflection on Manhood

This week and next week we will feature two reflections on recent sermons on biblical manhood and womanhood from members of our college staff. Being a Man in College: Many times, in the college culture, being a man means anything but what the Bible says about manhood. Being “the man” around campus can mean throwing […]

We Serve Because We Were Served

This past week, our Community Groups came along side fifteen organizations across the Triad to be the hands and feet of Christ, putting in somewhere around 2000 man hours. That’s a lot of time. Serve Week is designed to be a week-long initiative dedicated to providing local mission opportunities within local organizations serving the community. […]

Monday Extras: “Men: This Is Your Woman”

Mercy Hill, Every week, on Monday, we will have a blog for you with resources for diving deeper into the sermon. Click here to watch this sermon from this past weekend. Sermon Recap This week’s sermon main idea (coming from Song of Solomon 4:7-12) was the opposite of last week’s: become the woman God wants, […]