So I Want to Fast During Easter Week? What Do I Do Now?

March 25, 2024

A few years ago, I began fasting during Easter. We don’t have a ton of traditions at Mercy Hill, but one of them is this fast. It used to be that I would fast between the services, but years ago, our Easter services were only one day! Then our services grew to a Saturday and a Sunday. As God has continued to pour out blessings on Mercy Hill Church, our Easter celebrations have multiplied, and this year, we’re kicking off Easter on Tuesday with our college service! As our services have grown, the fast has grown, and this year, I would love for you to join us!


What is Fasting?


Fasting is more than just skipping meals. It’s diving deep into a season of intense prayer. It’s a focused commitment to set aside the physical to seek God and His Kingdom. Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you forgot to eat? This has happened to me when I’ve been building out on the farm—cutting trees, and putting up fences—food wasn’t even on my radar. That’s the kind of focus I’m talking about…being so tied up in what we’re doing that food doesn’t even come into the equation. Fasting during Easter Week is a deliberate act of spiritual devotion. It’s a focused time of prayer and reflection on the significance of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Just as Jesus withdrew to pray in the wilderness before His crucifixion and subsequent victory over death, fasting during Easter Week allows us to align our hearts more closely with God’s purposes and draw nearer to Him.

During fasting, as we forego physical nourishment, it’s a chance for us to nourish our spirits with prayer and meditation on God’s Word. It’s a tangible expression of our longing for God’s Kingdom to be manifest on earth, a demonstration of our earnest desire for His will to be done in our lives and in the world around us.


Biblical Examples of Fasting


Jesus himself fasted, and He expected His followers to do the same. In Matthew 9, Jesus speaks not of “if” but “when” His followers fast, indicating fasting as an integral part of the Christian walk. Throughout the Bible, we find instances of fasting for various reasons:

  • Acts 13:2-4: The early church fasted to seek God’s direction for their mission.
  • Acts 14:23: They fasted when appointing elders in the church.
  • Joel 2:12: Fasting was coupled with repentance and mourning over sin.

These examples illustrate the diverse reasons for fasting: seeking guidance, making important decisions, repentance, and spiritual renewal.


Practical Steps for Fasting During Easter Week


If you’re considering fasting during Easter Week but unsure where to start, here are some practical steps to guide you:

1. Begin with Small Steps.
Start with a manageable fast, perhaps skipping one meal or abstaining from a particular food item. You don’t have to commit to multiple days of fasting right away. Starting small allows you to build up your spiritual discipline gradually.

2. Have a Specific Focus.
Identify a specific prayer request or area of your life where you seek God’s intervention. Whether it’s personal renewal, revival in your community, or a particular need in the world, fasting with a purpose gives your spiritual discipline direction and focus.

3. Engage in Community.
Consider fasting with fellow believers, either within our church community or with your Community Group. There’s power in unity, and sharing the experience of fasting can deepen your relationships with God and with one another.


As we begin Easter Week, let us at Mercy Hill be a people who earnestly seek God’s presence through prayer and fasting. May our hunger for His Kingdom surpass our physical hunger as we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. This Easter Week, I will be fasting and praying specifically for our Easter services and for the message of the gospel to transform lives. I invite you to join me in this endeavor, and I firmly believe that God will move mightily as we seek Him together.

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)

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