What is the Weekender?

The Weekender is the “big front door” at Mercy Hill, and is for anyone who wants to move beyond simply attending and connect meaningfully with the church. In other words, the Weekender is where YOU can move from “connected to the crowd to committed to the family.”

The Online Weekender is a 2-part event that begins with an opportunity for you to hear more about what God is doing through Mercy Hill, and concludes with a chance for you to consider how you can play an impactful role in that. The Weekender is also a great opportunity to connect with others, including some of Mercy Hill’s staff.

How do I attend?

Once you’ve completed the registration at the top of this page, you will receive a follow up Email from our Connections Staff within 48 hours. This Email will include a link to a Zoom call, which will go live 15 minutes before the event begins. When the time comes, simply click the link, and enjoy alongside fellow participants from across the Triad. You’ll also be given access to our Online Weekender Hub, where we’ve provided helpful resources that coincide with the event.

What should I expect?

Our Online Weekender will be hosted live by our Connections Staff, and attended by dozens of other participants. Both Friday night and Saturday morning will consist of 2 sessions each, and will coincide with the Weekender resources made available to you. Throughout the event, you will be able to ask questions (both live and through the chat), and connect with others. Participant interaction is not required, but is encouraged.

Already attended a Weekender, but want to jump back into serving?