Serving begins with Attend One, Serve One!

Serving begins with Attend One, Serve One Sunday!  This is your opportunity to check out the ministry of your choice at your campus and begin to see how God can use you there!  At Attend One, Serve One Sunday you’ll be able to attend a ministry training while getting a behind-the-scenes look at our weekend serve teams.


Choose a ministry you’re interested in below!

Mercy Hill Kids

Mercy Hill Kids exists to equip parents and multiply leaders to engage and send kids out with the gospel. We are passionate about partnering with parents and teaching kids to follow Jesus, knowing that the best life lived is a life lived for Jesus. 

  • Check-In: The MH Kids Check-In Team greets families as they assist them with checking in and helps first-time guests check in and get acquainted with MH Kids.
  • Age-based classrooms: From babies to 5th grade, being in a classroom allows you the opportunity to build relationships with kids that can point them to the gospel when their lives are being shaped the most!
  • Worship: Worship leaders invite kids to join them in praising God through singing and dancing, generosity, and engaging activities! This team leads motions and engages kids with MH Kids’ worship music.
  • Buddies: Buddies partner with kids who need some extra assistance to help them be a part of learning the gospel every week.
  • Care: The Care Team helps create a family feel in MH Kids by writing birthday cards to kids and team members and praying for the MH Kids Team and Mercy Hill families during the week. *This is a central volunteer team that serves during the week from home*

Guest Experience

Guest Experience exists to create a hospitable environment to connect people to Christ and community.

  • Welcome – Even the most extreme introverts want to feel like they are noticed and valued. Serving on the welcome team is about greeting those who come for the first time or the five hundredth time.
  • Seating – The goal of the seating team is to absorb any awkward hesitation a guest may feel to provide them with a seamless transition from the sedan to the seatback.
  • Parking – Help get people parked! A friendly smile and clear directions help calm people’s anxieties and increase their anticipation. The sermon at Mercy Hill starts in the parking lot.
  • Environments – Do you enjoy working behind the scenes? The environments team makes sure cleanliness and clarity are at the forefront, from the way coffee is made and displayed to straightening up and restocking the worship space, this team believes that ‘everything speaks.’
  • Set-Up – Help set the stage for people to experience Christ and Community. This team arrives early and gets the campus ready for our guests.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security exist to create and maintain a safe and secure environment to people of all ages who can connect to Christ and community.

  • Security Team – This team helps ensure that all areas and aspects of our church campuses are safe and secure.
  • Safety Team – If you have a medical background or are a first responder, this is the team for you! The safety team is always ready to respond in the event of a medical emergency to provide first aid and a first response.


The worship team’s role is to lead our church into a posture of wholehearted worship through singing and responding in spirit and truth. Each member of the worship team is scheduled one to three weekends per month. The band arrives Sunday morning for practice (there is no weekday practice) and plays both services for that day. The worship team is a community that seeks to love God, honor each other, and take our calling seriously.

  • Worship Leader: The worship leader guides the congregation in responding to the Lord’s goodness and grace. This position is great for someone with a deep understanding or biblical worship and has a strong singing voice.  
  • Band: The band leads our congregation in worship each week. If you play drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano / keys, violin, or sing, then this opportunity may be a good fit for you.  
  • Hospitality: This team is responsible for preparing snacks / treats for the worship team green room and providing other forms of encouragement such as notes and written prayers. This opportunity is perfect for someone who has a hospitality gift and wants to be an encouragement and blessing to our worship team. 

MH Students

MH Students exists to make disciples and multiple movements. MHS is the student ministry of Mercy Hill Church (Grades 6-12). We believe that students are a crucial part of the present and future Church and deserve to be given shareworthy environments to invite their friends, grow in their faith, and be equipped to live on God’s mission.  

  • Student ExperienceStudents deserve share-worthy experiences when they come to MHS. We help build that for our students by helping set up and tear down the environment, run check-in and check-out, and assist in pulling off MHS events. 
  • Security – Serving with the security team, but partnering with MHS, security personnel help create a safe environment that allows parents to feel comfortable dropping their students off and allows the MHS teams to focus on developing the student ministry. 
  • Groups Team MemberTeam members engage students in a way that makes them feel known, loved, and excited to come back to MHS. They assist the Team Leader in facilitating group discussion and student care.
  • Teacher SponsorsTeachers in local middle or high schools who are hungry to see the Gospel move throughout their schools have the opportunity to sponsor a school club and partner with students as they live on mission. 


Mercy Hill Production strives to use the art of production to lead our congregation into a transformative worship experience that centers on Celebration, The Word, and a response to the Word.


  • Stage Manager: Stage Managers are an extension of the Production Lead during rehearsals and services. They help keep the worship team, Campus Pastors, etc., on the service plan and ensure everyone has the necessary props and gear.
  • Stage Crew: The stage crew members support the Stage Manager.
  • FOH/Sound Engineer – Experience Preferred (Volunteer): A Front of House (FOH) engineer plays a crucial role during live events by ensuring that the audience hears high-quality sound and that the mix is balanced and well-suited to the venue.
  • A2/Sound Crew: The sound crew works with FOH and the Stage manager to run cables and connect inputs as needed. Responsible for putting headset mics on Pastors, Speakers, etc. 
  • Lighting Designer: The Lighting Designer designs a lighting plot for services/events, including general area lighting and any lighting special effects.
  • Light Board Operator: The Light Board Operator operates the light board during all services/events. They may be asked to participate in the hanging and focusing of lights for services/events.
  • Pro Presenter Operators: The Pro Presenter Operators are responsible for executing the playlist in Pro Presenter that provides graphical content, lyrics, and sermon notes for the congregation, worship team, speakers, and pastors
  • Video Director / Switcher: The Video Director is responsible for the overall look and feel of the video product each week. This position should understand shot composition, camera movements, storytelling, and the ability to think several steps ahead.
  • Camera Operator: The camera operators work directly with the video director to capture the service/event. The camera operators should be creative in their framing, shot selection, and camera movements.