What is the Sent Initiative?

The SENT initiative is a movement of college students leveraging their lives for the mission of God in cities across the world. We desire to equip college students to live a sent life for the rest of their lives by sending them out to and through the local church locally, nationally, and internationally. Jesus, our God, came for us and now sends us; therefore, we live SENT.

Summer Opportunities

City Project

City Project is a six-week discipleship opportunity where college students are trained to grow deeper as a disciple of Christ and learn to make disciples who make disciples locally and nationally.

Cost: $2,800
Dates: Mid-May – end of June

City Life

The gospel has always spread the fastest and farthest by faithful everyday Christians in everyday vocations as they go about their everyday lives. City Life is about equipping everyday Christians to connect their faith to their work in the marketplace.

Cost: $100 or $750 ($100 cost without weekend church planting trip; $750 with weekend church planting trip)
Dates: May – July

Global Internship

Global Internship is a six-eight week, all intensive discipleship & missional internship in an international context serving alongside one of Mercy Hill’s international partners. Each trip will vary depending on the location.

Cost: Varies by location
Dates: May – July (Specific dates vary by location)


Trek is a two-week international discipleship and missional experience. Trek is open to all college students, including those participating in City Project or City Life, and is an incredible opportunity to serve alongside of our international partners.

Cost: Varies by location
Dates: Beginning of July (Specific dates vary by location)

The 2-year Ask

We firmly believe that the first two years after college are strategic in establishing a life centered around making disciples that make disciples. We want to challenge you to take your first two years and leverage them for the mission of God locally, nationally, or internationally. Join the movement!


Would you consider staying around the Triad for two years and help make disciples by leading a D-group? Discipleship happens in community, and that means we need D-group leaders. If you are already a D-group leader, would you consider helping to lead the charge at a specific college campus by becoming a College Resident?


We love and thoroughly enjoy college students at Mercy Hill, but we desire to send every student out with a Summit Network Church Plant. We desire to raise up an army of equipped students who can go and help plant churches around the country. Would you consider leveraging two years of your life to help plant a church?


Would you consider moving your life across the world for two years for the sake of the gospel? Whether it be as a vocational missionary, getting a degree, or using your degree in an everyday job, God can use you in mighty ways in another country.