One thing we know to be true from Scripture is that kids ministry is an incredibly strategic mission field. Every week we have the opportunity to share the gospel with little hearts who have never heard it before. We are excited about the responsibility to make disciples of these kids as they grow up. This is why we want to equip you with training and resources to make an impact on the kids you interact with every week. On this page, we have information about leadership in MH kids, trainings to help you grow in your area, a list of upcoming events, our weekly lesson plans, and information about contacting the kids staff. Our desire is that this page will be your hub for all things MH Kids Team, and we will continue to update it with lessons, events, and content. As always, feel free to reach out to the kids staff if we can help you in any way.

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  • Mercy Hill Kids Team Leadership Pipeline

We believe God has uniquely gifted the body of Christ so we can collectively make disciples of all nations. Our desire at MH Kids is to equip you for the work of the ministry so you may grow in your own walk with God as you pour out into the lives of kids every single weekend. Our Leadership Pipeline gives us a way to help leaders develop and serve in various ways that fit their giftings and leadership. We encourage you to check out our leadership structure, and consider taking the next step in your leadership at MH Kids! Click on a position below to find out more details about the role.

Team Members

Team members make Mercy Hill Kids great every week for kids and families by interacting with kids, checking families in, leading worship, serving on our security team, and serving on our care and environments teams during the week. Below is a list of our Team Member competencies, which is what every team member strives for to make Mercy Hill Kids a great place each week.

Team Member Competencies

  • Be present, prompt, and prepared
  • Communicate clearly and responsibly with staff and Kids Team
  • Positively engage kids and families
  • Understand and apply Mercy Hill Kids Policies and Procedures
  • Shoulder-tap others to join the Kids Team

Time Commitment: 1.5-2 hours per week

Team Leaders

Team Leaders invest not only in kids and families, but also in their team, in order to help their team members minister effectively to kids each week. Team Leaders are over a specific area in a specific service, and ensure team members are equipped and kids clearly hear the gospel, as well as monitoring attendance to ensure team members are well cared for. In order to grow in leadership and team unity, Team Leaders also attend the Team Leader Huddle each week and our All Leader Gatherings, which occur three times each year. The Team Leader competencies are listed below. We encourage you to check our the competencies, and if you’re interested in jumping into this role, you can apply by clicking the link on this page.

Team Leader Competencies

  • Facilitate Teaching and Discussion in a way that presents the gospel and engages each child
  • Ensure team is effectively implementing programming and abiding by MH Kids policies and procedures
  • Communicate with parents in a way that conveys the vision of MH Kids
  • Identify and develop emerging leaders
  • Create a culture of community within the team

Time Commitment: 3 hours per week

Service Coordinators

Service Coordinators invest primarily in team leaders and team members in order to help their teams minister effectively to kids each week. Coordinators are responsible for overseeing a specific service of Mercy Hill Kids at a specific campus, and their goal is to encourage and equip team leaders and members. This includes checking classroom ratios, getting needed items, and ensuring all aspects of the service run smoothly. The Coordinator competencies are listed below. We encourage you to check out the competencies, and if you’re interested in jumping into this role, you can apply by clicking the link on this page.

Service Coordinator Competencies

  • Communicate effectively and positively with team leaders and team members
  • Each weekend, ensure teams are well-staffed and well-prepared
  • Maintain eyes for excellence
  • Assist Associate Director in leading MH Kids weekend services
  • Maintain classroom ratios and oversee headcount each week

Time Commitment: 3 hours each week

Desire to Lead?

Fill out the application below, and we will follow-up with you about our apprenticeship process. The process includes online training, as well as hands-on learning to be well equipped for ministry in a new role at MH Kids.

  • Mercy Hill Kids Team Training Materials

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All of our training materials are available on our online training platform, Ministry Grid. Click below to check out the trainings. To access the trainings for the first time, reach out to your MH Kids Associate Director. In addition, our Kids Team Handbook contains all of our policies and procedures for doing ministry at MH Kids. It’s so important to be on the same page to best engage kids with the gospel and keep them safe each weekend. For this reason, all team members are required to read through the handbook. We encourage you to go back through it from time to time in order to be familiar with it on the weekends. If you ever have a policy or procedure question, don’t hesitate to ask your Team Leader, Coordinator, or a MH Kids Staff member.

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  • Mercy Hill Kids Team Calendar
  • Kids Week

    Date: Aug 10-13, 2020

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  • Mercy Hill Kids Team Lesson Plans

There are no lesson plans at this time!

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  • Mercy Hill Kids Team Contact Us

We are here to equip families and develop leaders to engage kids with the gospel. If there is any way we can assist you or care for you, don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach us on the weekend at a service, or email us by clicking on a staff member’s picture below. In addition, if God is moving in the life of your family, we would love to hear your story! Click here to share with us!

Mercy Hill Church - Brant Gordon - Kids Ministry Director

Brant Gordon

Kids Director

Abbey Voss

Clifton Campus

Mercy Hill Church Staff - Chesson Sykes

Chesson Sykes

Edgefield Campus

Mercy Hill Church Staff - Sarah Beams

Sarah Beams

High Point Campus

Mercy Hill Staff - Megan Moore

Megan Moore

Regional Campus

Mercy Hill Staff - Austin Griffin - MH Students

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Regional Campus

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