What is a Go Team?

Go Teams are short-term trips that aim to serve our missionaries and church planters. Go with us to experience life in another culture, learn to share the gospel, and begin the journey of discovering your role in God’s global mission.


How Do I Join a Go Team?

1. Apply for the trip you want to join

Click here to see the upcoming trips.

2. Get your passport (if necessary)

If traveling internationally you’ll need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the trip ends. To apply or renew click here.

3. Attend the Kick-off

Kick-off is a one-time event where you will meet your team and be resourced to begin support raising. The kick-off happens at a Mercy Hill campus and you will be notified the date, time and location of your kick-off when you are accepted to a team.

4. Start support-raising

Raising financial support makes going an affordable opportunity for anyone. And though raising support can feel intimidating, we will train you to help you reach your goal.

5. Attend team meetings

After the kick-off event, you will have 3-4 additional team meetings scheduled by your team leader. The training you will receive is aimed at preparing you spiritually as well as for the specific ministry you will be engaged in on your trip. Some of the training will be through assignments you are asked to complete independently, and some will be led by your team leader and done together as a team. 

6. Schedule an appointment with your health provider

Every traveler is advised to take appropriate preventative measures and health precautions. A medical professional should be consulted 6-8 weeks prior to your departure to advise you about specific vaccines and/or prescriptions you might need given your personal health history and travel destination(s).

7. Pack and go

That’s it! You’re all set to go on mission!


What are the qualifications to go on a short-term trip?
  • A follower of Christ
  • Active local church participation
  • Ability to raise or provide the cost of the trip
  • Humility to learn from and serve others
  • Age requirements vary by location
What does the trip cost cover?

The trip cost covers transportation (unless noted otherwise), lodging, meals, ministry expenses, supplemental travel medical insurance, and background checks. The trip cost does not cover passport application or renewal, immunizations, medications, visas, phone plans, or fees from online fundraising. If you are raising support and utilize the online giving platform, the trip cost is the net amount you need to raise (donors may elect to pay the transaction fee in addition to their donation. There are no fees for mailed donations).

Generally speaking, personal funds are not necessary once you arrive in your host country. Participants may choose to bring money for souvenirs or additional food or experiences.

Will I have to eat strange food?

Tasting the foods of another culture can be fun and exciting. It can also endear you to the people you go to serve. So you will be encouraged to eat as you see others eating. We do not want to offend our hosts by snubbing their food or disrespecting their table customs. At the same time, we don’t want to offend our tummies. Our field partners understand the American pallet and will help guide you on the appropriate way to decline something you just don’t think you can stomach. If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to note that in your team member application.

Do I need to know a different language?

The short answer is no. Learning basic greetings and phrases in your host’s native tongue communicates your interest and care. But you are not expected to speak their language. Interpreters will be assigned as necessary to overcome language barriers.

Where will we stay?

Accommodations vary for each trip. We’ve sent teams who’ve slept in hammocks, on dirt floors in people’s homes, hostels, hotels and guesthouses. Our field partners strive to find accommodations that are clean and appealing but don’t expect to stay at the Ritz. You will likely be without some of the amenities you’re accustomed to.

What should I wear?

Modesty is a must. Long pants and skirts will be the typical attire. Women may be encouraged to wear scarfs and long shirts. Team Leaders will also guide you on what is appropriate to pack for the climate you are entering.

Can I afford to go?

Few Short-term Team Members fund the entirety of the trip themselves. You are encouraged to raise support because the process of support raising will better prepare you for your ministry in multiple ways. Upon acceptance to a team, you will be coached and equipped to successfully raise support to cover the cost of your trip.

Is it safe?

Safety can never be guaranteed. That’s true when traveling abroad or on your daily commute. But we do our best keep our teams, partners and the natives we serve safe. Certain safety precautions are required such as background checks, vaccinations, medical and evacuation insurance, hygiene training, and buddy systems. Regardless of the country we enter, the risk of persecution is far greater for our field partners and local natives than for our teams. So care will be given to protect their identity and ministry. But ultimately, we go in the authority of Jesus and with the assurance of his promise to be with us always.

What Comes After Go Teams?

Disciple-Making Intensives  (DMI)

DMIs are 10-week trainings designed for those who want to expand their vision for the nations while learning practical tools for helping people find and follow Jesus. DMIs operate concurrently with Community Group sessions.

Residential Missions Community (RMC)

RMCs develop your capacity for long-term missions. For 9 months from fall to spring, those in an RMC will live in community while reaching out to internationals in their neighborhood. The DMI is a required prerequisite for the RMC.

Sent Out 

Be sent abroad for 2+ years from where you are to the where the gospel is not! To prepare you for deployment, our Missions Team will guide you through the entirety of the process. You’ve put your yes on the table. This is when God puts it on the map! 

Interested in going long-term? Let us know by emailing missions@mercyhillchurch.com