As a worship team, we want to cultivate hearts that are passionate for God and His kingdom. To accomplish this across our entire church body, we need volunteers who are gifted musically that are passionate to help us fulfill this vision. As a result, we are committed to developing musicians of all backgrounds into capable worship leaders. We have created the Essentials program to help you develop the gifts God has given you.

After auditioning and being accepted into the Essentials program, you will attend weekly sessions where you will receive instruction from experienced members of our team. A new musician will typically spend five to ten weeks in the Essentials program, but this can vary depending on musical background and experience. The time spent in Essentials is well worth it, because after going through the program you will be fully prepared to lead our congregation in worship!

Preparing Your Audition

Click on your instrument below to download all the resources you will need to prepare for your audition!