Advent Ideas for the Whole Family

December 1, 2021

Every year, we anticipate and countdown the days to December 25th, remembering that Jesus Christ was born. This is exactly what ”Advent” is—the arrival, meaning the long wait is over.

As parents, we know that you’re always looking for ways to help your kids remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Here are some helpful Advent resources for you to help your kids remember Christ’s arrival and point them to the gospel in this season.


  1. Jesus StoryBook Bible

This one is perfect if you own Sally Lloyd-Jones’ book, The Jesus Storybook Bible. For every day of Advent, there is a printable ornament, and on the reverse of each ornament, there is a related story to read in The Jesus Storybook Bible and the Scripture passage it comes from. To download the guide, click here.

 *If you don’t already have the StoryBook Bible, you can find one at Amazon for $15 here.

  1. Prayer Garland

This fun craft is a great way to help your kids think through more than just gifts this Christmas season:

Step 1: Cut out 24 green and red construction paper strips.

Step 2: Think of names of family members, friends, ministries, places, unreached people groups, etc., and write them on the strips of paper.

Step 3: Staple the strips as links into one long garland.

Step 4: Hang the garland in your house as a decoration.

Step 5: For each day in December, have a family member remove one of the paper strips. As a family, pray for what is on that strip of paper.

3. Check out these other resources:

Lifeway 4-Week Advent Guide
Come, Let Us Adore Him: A Daily Advent Devotional by Paul David Tripp.
Unwrapping the Names of Jesus Advent Devotional


We hope that these ideas work well for your family and allow you an opportunity to connect and rest in the reason we celebrate Christmas!

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