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You’re Not Alone

We are all masters of the facade. What I mean by that is that we naturally appear to have it all together. We’re the type of people who post the great highlights to our social media, and when asked how we’re doing, we reply with a positive “Good!” But the truth is, at every stage of life we are susceptible to loneliness.

One of the worst things about loneliness is that it can creep in even when we’re surrounded by people. We are being seen but not known. Perhaps you’re a recent college graduate, trying to navigate a new career and having a hard time making meaningful friendships. Or maybe you’re married with a few kids and find it hard to consistently connect with other couples and walk through life with them. Or perhaps all of your kids have left the house and it’s hard to meet other believers in the same stage of life as you. Loneliness can affect us all.

Luckily, we are currently in the process of Grouplink—the way that you get connected to a community group here at Mercy Hill. During specific, three-week periods throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a group, connect with your group leaders, and begin the process of growing in life-giving community. The three group types that we offer are Young Professional, Multigenerational, and Empty Nesters.

Young Professional

Individuals, either married or single, who are in their 20s to early 30s and finishing up their post-graduate degree or in the beginning stages of establishing a career. Group members may also have young children.

“The stage of life right after college is really hard for a lot of people; leaving a culture of constant community to start working full-time can be isolating. It was so important for us to find a group of other believers in the same stage of life with similar goals, passions, and priorities.”


This group seeks to learn from others that are in the same life-stage as you and those who are either one life-stage before or after you. Group members are single or married and most often in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s.

“One of my favorite things about about being in a multigenerational group is that we get to hear stories from people of all different age ranges. We get to experience the wisdom from couples older than us and the exciting passion from those younger than us.”

Empty Nesters 

Married or single individuals who are old enough to have or do have adult-age children make up this group. Members are often dealing with aging parents, approaching or in retirement, and enjoying the blessings of being a grandparent.

“It is so easy to become isolated after our kids left the house. But since we have a community of believers around us that are dealing with the same struggles, we can walk together and show each other what following Jesus looks like at this stage in our lives.”

Discipleship happens in community. We need other people in our lives to help us grow in our relationship with Christ and fight the facade that we have it all together. Ultimately, through authentic, life-giving Christian community, we don’t have to endure the loneliness we’re so prone to face.

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-Nick Gercken (Ministry Resident)