Mercy Hill College Ministry - UNITED Event

Your Friday Night Just Got a Lot Better

Imagine hundreds of college students across the Triad gathered under one roof where there’s dancing, engaging art, powerful worship, and stories of life change. This wonderful place is called United! January 26th kicks off the first United of 2018, and if you are reading this and are a college student, you want to be there. Doors open at 7:45pm for this free event, so bring your school I.D (For real. You need this to get in) and absolutely everyone you know. Whether you’ve been around for a while or are new, there is an awesome way for you to kick off the new year—it’s #MHUnited! Your Friday night just got a lot better.

1. What We’re Doing at UNITED

Sometimes we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of campus—moving from class to class and then to community group and then back to class. Come and break the routine at United. The rhythms of the week can get mundane and seeing God work in the everyday can get lost. Come experience his wonder at United. The investments you make in friends and campus communities—that they might know Christ—can get difficult and feel disconnected from the bigger picture as life happens. Come get encouraged at United.

Get there early enough for a chance to win free stuff and enjoy the work of our Spartan DJ. You won’t want to miss the spoken word from an Aggie poet or miss the stories of how God has shown up in the lives of Panthers, Rams, Phoenix, Quakers (we see you Guilford College), and Flying Dodos! Ok, maybe not the Dodos, but that would be awesome! What better way to connect to Mercy Hill College than by gathering with students from the schools in the Triad who are all learning what it looks like to join in God’s mission.

2. What God’s Doing on Your Campus

If you have seen God move on your campus, come celebrate with us and know that you are not alone. If you are praying to see God move on your campus, come learn how you can serve to that end. If you have never heard the name of Jesus or haven’t thought about him in a while, come and explore with us. We want everyone to walk out of those doors empowered to see their campus through the eyes of Christ, and in seeing, put their yes on the table to be a part of the movement of God across every campus in the Triad. Movements happen as people say yes to the gospel and live out of the gospel because they truly believe the gospel. United is a place for you to join the movement.

3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2

And trust us, we won’t just gather you once for an awesome night and then leave you hanging. United will be back four times a year. So, come hear the call, experience the awesome community, and commit to your campus. Don’t waste another Friday bingeing on Black Mirror and This Is Us when you could be at United. We all know after hour six the eyes are begging us to “stop. Please stop.” Respect your eye balls, load up your wagon wheel, and get to United on Friday the 26th because #fomoisreal.

-Vania Claiborne (College Resident)