Mercy Hill Kids Week 2018

You Only Have a Short Window to Be a “Super” Hero

Superheroes are as popular as they’ve ever been, with new superhero movies coming out seemingly every weekend over the past few years. Not only that, every new superhero movie seems to break the box office record of the one set before it. I heard a speaker the other day who has taken his son to every superhero movie on opening weekend since he was a kid. Immediately, I made a mental note of parent goals! I can picture my son and I watching Captain America and Iron Man battle it out in Captain America: Civil War and having the same legendary battles in our backyard. (If I ruined the plot of that movie for you I apologize, but you have had over two years to see it!) The truth is every dad (and mom) wants to be their kid’s hero.

We want our kids to look up to us, to love us, and to want to be like us one day. The tough reality is that, as a parent, the time that your kids view you in the “You’re my superhero!” way is short-lived. There are only so many backyard nerf battles and living room wrestling matches. There are only so many tea parties and Daddy-Daughter dances to attend. There’s a short window that parents have to be heroes (at least the “super” ones).

This year at Kids Week, you have the opportunity to be your kids’ superhero. I know what you’re probably thinking: you don’t have the vacation time, and you have too much going on at work. With our busy schedules, it’s easy to think we can’t afford to take time off from work. I would suggest that you can’t afford not to. We don’t like to think about this, but most people could do our jobs. And while missing a week of work may slow the pace, it won’t be the end of the world. Only you can be your kids’ parent. Only you have this short window in time where your kids are desiring to be with you more than anyone else (except maybe grandma!).

As with anything, you have a choice to make. I would challenge you to think about your return on investment. What has the greatest reward for eternity for how you spend your time the week of Kids Week? Going to work? Or working half days and spending each morning at Kids Week investing in your child? I realize that not everyone can take the week off of work, but I would challenge you to consider doing anything and everything you can to be at Kids Week. Some of you may not be able to take all four days off but could be there for two. Whatever you can do, do it. The memories you’ll make and the opportunity you have to build relationship with them around the gospel will last for eternity.

-Brant Gordon (Cooper and Lyla’s Dad)

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Do you have kids three years and under that want to join us for Kids Week?

We are offering programming for kids three years and under if their parents serve. This may be a great opportunity for you to jump in and for your child to be a part of our toddlers and babies areas. You can register them as you go through the volunteer registration form located here.