Why We Love Community Groups

by Jeremy Dager

This semester, one of our stellar HPU college students took a video productions class.  For one of her assignments she chose to spotlight her community group.  In her own words, “I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel by interviewing people from my community group.”  In this video, three people give three different perspectives on being a part of community group: a first time goer, regular goer, and leader. They share what it’s like to be part of a community group and how they have grown spiritually from being a part of a community group.

As a church, we have placed a very high value in seeing college students get plugged in relationally.  Our hope is that students don’t see Mercy Hill as a place to go, but as a family that they’re a part of.  We have chosen to forgo a college event in place of connecting students to the greater life of Mercy Hill Church.  That means when someone asks me what we do for college students we tell them essentially what we would tell any other attendee: we gather together on Sunday as the corporate body and we meet weekly in community groups.

This past school year at Mercy Hill we have seen God do incredible things in the lives of our college students.  We now have students gathering with us from 7 different campuses in the Triad.  We baptized close to 40 students…many of whom became believers within the past year.  We sent out our first college missions team in March to serve a sister church in Baltimore.  We sent out around two-dozen students who will be serving around the world this summer on various projects.   God is doing amazing things across the various campuses here in the Triad and it has been a blessing to be a part of that…to Him be the glory.

If you’re a college student – whether you’re new to Mercy Hill or you’ve been around for a while – I would encourage you to check out the video and then jump in with us and get connected.  I would love to talk to you about getting involved in a community group, serving at Mercy Hill, or going on one of our many missions trips this summer and fall.


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