Why United?

by Tony Ross

Recently, I’ve read a few articles which have helped to define the pivotal time period of the college life.  Let me summarize some of the thoughts and make a pitch to why you should come join us for United.

  • Religion and relationship do not replace the Gospel.
    We believe the Gospel saves, sanctifies, gathers and sends.  Religion is important (1 Tim. 5:4 & James 1:26-27) but religiosity void of Gospel power does not make dead people come alive, only the Gospel does (Rom 1:16).  Likewise, relationships are one of God’s greatest gifts, but there comes a point where having all Christian friends can become a hindrance to living missionally on your campus.  We must be willingly to evaluate our relationships often as we are prone both to becoming comfortable with existing Christian relationships and feeding the narcissistic craving to trade relational depth for popularity.
  • Lone-ranger Christians will starve.
    This cannot be stressed enough.  My wife Tina and I met Jesus 5 years ago.  We experienced vibrant growth in our faith not only because Jesus became our Lord, but also because we were intentionally poured into by the community of Christians God had placed in our lives. If the Gospel is the locomotive that drives the Christian life, the community of believers God has strategically placed you in are the tracks that guide you.  Simply put, healthy growth outside of the local church is impossible (Heb. 10:24-25).
  • Missional living means making disciples.
    The last words of Jesus were “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  The honest truth is this, the Church is God’s plan A for reaching the over 2.91 billion unreached people in the world who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ – there is no plan B.  I believe at the end of your life, what will matter is not how many of life’s trophies you’ve accumulated, but how your life was leveraged in light of these truths.

Recently my focus has been on the day described in Revelation 5:9-10.  There are no “ifs” regarding this passage- only whenWhen God makes this world new again and we are with Jesus on the new earth, will we see people from the nations that we have personally impacted with the Gospel?  I desire that to be true of myself on that day.

Next Friday, September 20th Mercy Hill launches our college ministry called United.  We would like nothing more than to catalyze a movement for the advance the Gospel in your life and in the lives of the over 60,000 college students in the Triad. Come join us at Bur-mil Park at 7pm.

Visit our college page for more info.

Here are some helpful articles to read regarding collegiate ministry:




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