Why Two? For the Nations

Six years ago, I was beginning my freshman year at HPU, and a friend of mine asked me if I had any Sunday evening church plans, which I, of course, did not—because it was Sunday night. I was set on finding a local church to be a part of, so I was down for whatever. The next day I showed up at someone’s house I had just met and hopped in a car with strangers to go to Mercy Hill. In retrospect, I probably should have asked more questions before agreeing to hopping in a car. I had no idea where we were going or how long it would take to get there.

Forty minutes, yes, 4-0 minutes later, we arrived at a clubhouse at Bur-Mil Park. I was super confused and had no idea where I was. About an hour and a half later, though, I knew I was home. I have been at Mercy Hill ever since—six years now. Every Sunday until April of my freshman year, I drove forty minutes to Mercy Hill. I was willing to do it because I already loved Jesus. I also had a lot of friends, teammates, and classmates unwilling to make that drive because they weren’t already interested.

But during that year and the years that have followed, I heard the word of God preached in a way I had never heard before. I had been a Christian for a few years, but I hadn’t been able to choose my own church until college. One of the biggest things I learned in that first year was God’s desire and plan to make himself known in ALL nations, that one day every knee will bow and tongue confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and those knees and tongues will represent every people group on the planet.

Cut in Half But Still Not Enough

The next year, we were only twenty to twenty-five minutes from campus. To me, this was a HUGE win. My drive was cut in half. However, for my friends and teammates not as interested, it was still too far. That year, I went from hearing about the nations to facing a serious question from the Lord, “Will you go?” I had to decide how my life was going to be spent for God’s glory, and I decided that I would one day move to a place where Jesus had not been named.

Maybe you’re wondering what this has to do with two MH College Live services. I’m going to let you in on who’s involved in this story. The girl who invited me to Mercy Hill for the first time is currently serving in South Asia. At the end of the year, I’m going to be taking her spot on that team. During my first year at Mercy Hill, I invited one of my teammates to church and led her to Christ.  She just finished two years serving in Canada. That’s three HPU students living and serving among the unreached. It’s amazing, but it makes me wonder.

If three HPU students who drove forty minutes to church for at least a year were convinced of the Great Commission, how many more might hear and be convinced when they only have to drive four minutes?

How many HPU students might there be who have no interest in Jesus but come to church because it’s only four minutes away? How many might believe the gospel for the first time? How many of them might go?

That’s “Why Two.” Because when people see what Jesus has done for them, they have to respond. And some of them will respond by going to the darkest and hardest places that Christ would be praised.

– Future MH International Missionary