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Why Two? For the glory of God

College student, I want to say something to you that might just shock you – college is not about you. Yes, you’re in college to get a degree in your passion or field of study, but your primary concern shouldn’t be your GPA (parents, just keep reading with me; I promise it’ll make sense in the end). It’s not about networking, landing the job of your dreams, or even walking away with a husband or wife. 

Your college years (really, all your years) are ultimately about God. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, or maybe you’ve bought into the lie that your college years are supposed to be the best years of your life. And some people translate that into, “These years are your hall pass from following God.” But if you live like that for just a little while, you’ll soon realize your GPA doesn’t satisfy, and the party lifestyle leaves you craving something else. You’ll look back on your college years thinking, “That was definitely exciting, but was it really the best years of my life?” 

So, you come to the conclusion that maybe you ought to try Jesus cause he’s the wellspring of life, right? And you heard that Mercy Hill hosts, not one, but two services just for college students, and you will want to be there. You’re wanting to get refreshed and renewed. But I’m here to tell you that’s not the reason we have two college services. We don’t have college services because they’re cool. We don’t have college services so you can get away from adults. We don’t have college services so we can sing the latest and greatest contemporary worship songs. We have college services so the gospel of Jesus Christ can save, grow, gather, and send.  

To Save

Let me tell you why we have two college services: it’s because we want as many people to know and be redeemed by Jesus as possible. We are committed to doing what we can to make this happen in the Triad. That means a service to reach college students in both Greensboro and High Point. Can you imagine what can happen when the gospel is preached weekly on a level where anyone can understand?

To Grow and Gather

When we host our College Live services, we want to see existing believers continue to grow in their walk with Christ. But growing in Christ is not just what you know about the Lord with your head, it’s also about what’s going on in your heart and what you do with your hands. Growth in Christ is not about attending church; it’s about being the church. This looks like stepping up to lead by applying for our leadership team, joining our parking team, or even something like sharing your faith with someone else in your life. Our college services exist to help grow your faith.

Our college services are also gatherings of like-minded believers who worship together. I’m telling you – there’s something about a room full of college students singing their hearts out, praising Jesus. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to be there to experience this for yourself. You also get to see new faces, make new friends, and strengthen existing friendships that turn into family.

To Send

This reason might be one of the most important reasons we are hosting two college services. We wholeheartedly believe that if you reach the campus you can reach the world. Our hope is that the gospel will save, grow, and gather college students so that they might reach the people on their campus as well as the people all over the world. Once you graduate, you’ll have to live somewhere; so why not in a place that’s strategic to the mission of God? Remember, your life isn’t about you; it’s about God.

Keep in mind that our second service is a group of High Point students who have been “sent” to their area of the Triad to reach their campus; and, as a result, aid in reaching the world. 

Our college services are for you to attend, but they are also about God’s glory. So, come, worship, hear great preaching, and invite your friends to hang out with us. But remember that our college services are not about you; they are about God.

-Neeko Williams, College Resident