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Why Two? For the Campus

The other day, I ran into someone I knew in town. They were telling me how awesome it is that I have a relationship with Jesus at such a young age. I responded with, “It really is a blessing.” But it is so much more than just a blessing; it is the greatest gift I have ever been given.  

I went into college having a personal relationship with Jesus, but over the past two years at High Point University, my faith and relationship with God have grown greatly. For many students, college is a place where they grow further from God, not closer. Sadly, there are so many opportunities for a college student to be influenced by the enemy. There are times where one can feel unwanted, unloved, lost, and even confused. When influenced by the enemy it is so important to have a community to confide in.  We are created to live in community, specifically a community that points us back to Jesus. 

Community and MH College

MH College is a community of people that will remind students how loved and wanted they are by the God of the Universe, the one true King. MH College gives students a place to go to grow in their faith and build their relationship with Jesus and other college students who are walking with him. There will be students walking onto campus this fall that have never heard the gospel, never felt the love of Jesus Christ, and are longing for an identity and sense of purpose. Our goal at MH College is to share the gospel with as many students as we can, praying they come to know the love of Jesus. 

Last fall, MH College launched their very own college service in Greensboro, and it was a huge success. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to stand in a room full of college students who are unashamed and overflowing with joy from the Lord. In that room my heart feels like it is bursting at the seam and filled with the love of Jesus. There is something about being surrounded by people who love Jesus and are pouring their heart out to him that deeply stirs my heart. There is truly nothing like it. 

Here’s the thing, I want this feeling for everyone! This past April, we held a college Easter service, our first college service at the High Point campus. We prayed for the room to be full of students who are eager to know more about the Lord and all that he is. We were blown away—honestly shocked—by the amount of HPU students who attended! Our hope for this fall is to reach more college students who will reach more college students. We are praying for a gospel movement. 

Mercy Hill’s High Point campus plays a large part in allowing us to reach college students. This campus is located less than five minutes away from High Point University’s campus, a huge benefit for the students who attend. Mercy Hill has an even more strategic opportunity to continue reaching college students, and I pray we see tons of HPU students reached next year. At the end of August, our college service will officially launch at the High Point campus. Launching this service is the next step in living out the mission of MH College: reach the campus, reach the world. 

I am so excited to see what God does through Mercy Hill and MH College on campus this year at HPU. Why two college services? Because there are too many college students who do not know his name.

– Logan Crisp, MH College Leader