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Why Should I Send My Kid to Camp Elevate?

I had that same question three years ago.

We are a very busy family of 5—too busy if you ask my husband. We have Molly (14), Myles (12), and Miller (10). They all are involved in many activities and the two of us have our own commitments. So, adding one more thing to our schedule seemed to be excessive, especially when I really wanted my older two kids to go to my childhood camp. However, I’m so glad I did add that one more, life-changing week for my kid(s).  

Here are four reasons you should absolutely send your kid(s) to Camp Elevate.

  1. The year before any of my kids ever attended, my nephew—rising 7th grader at the time—called his mom from camp telling her he had given his life to Jesus. This child has grown up in the church and has been taught about Jesus from the time he was a baby, but he said before he went to camp, he didn’t understand getting saved, and now, it was his decision and real to him.
  2. My daughter (who has now been to four different highly-recommended and Christian overnight summer camps)—rising 7th grader at the time—came home her first time saying, “It was literally the best week of my life!” And, FYI, my daughter has had an extremely blessed life with lots of opportunities to travel and do many “trips of a lifetime.” So those words are not taken lightly. Her favorites: the pool, the paintball, and the people.
  3. My son—rising 6th grader at the time—came home confessing sin and asking for accountability. He absolutely had the time of his life. He loved the wave pool, the worship time, and the competitions!
  4. The relationships built, the “mountaintop experience” with Jesus, and the impact this week can have on one child is just unmatched.

Both of my older kids and my nephew will be going back to Camp Elevate this summer. It will be my nephew’s fourth year, Molly’s third time, and Myles’ second time. When my youngest is old enough, we will send him. It’s the one thing in the summer that we now prioritize and plan around—life-changing, so much fun, and a camp experience that will never be forgotten.

-Elisabeth Kraska (MH Students Parent)