Why our family automated our giving (Pastor Andrew)

Anna and I have decided to automate our giving at Mercy Hill. I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a couple reasons why this is best for our family and may be best for yours too.

The first reason we wanted to automate our giving is because it speaks to the level of importance giving has in our lives. With anything that is important to us we want to be as consistent with it as possible. For example, our daughter LOVES her preschool. She is very social and going to preschool is often the highlight of her day. It is also so encouraging for us to know that she is learning so much while she is there. So we have the payment for her school automated. Why? Because it is so important to us that we would never want to miss it. It is so important to us that we want to be as consistent as possible with it. That is the same way we feel about giving to Mercy Hill Church. From early on in our marriage Anna and I have committed to give faithfully to God’s mission. And to this day I think would both say that it is one of the biggest joys in the life of our family. We love it and it is important, so we want to be consistent with it.

The second reason is that automating our giving makes giving very easy on our family. I am not sure about you, but our family is crazy busy sometimes! It is all good stuff, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but admist everything else going on remembering to give can be difficult for us. In all honestly, there were two months in 2013 that we forgot! Now, we went back and gave, but the experience of giving double this month because we didn’t give last month is a habit we never want to be in. Having now automated our giving, I never have to remember to do it at the end of the month. In fact, now instead of trying to remember it, I am reminded of it when I get our statement. And in being reminded we can praise God because His generosity towards us enables our generosity.

I would encourage you to consider automating your giving to Mercy Hill. There are theological reasons (for a great blog on that click here) and there are practical reasons. It has been a blessing to us and I think can be a blessing you you as well.

Pastor Andrew Hopper

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