Why Kristen is excited about "A Generous December"

Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am about “A Generous December”. I have seen firsthand what the financial support of believers can do in the lives of people that are planting churches overseas. God has blessed Mercy Hill Church and it is now our time to be a part of something great. Having spent a few years living overseas, while my parents were working with a mission organization, I saw firsthand how financial support is a key to ministry. Many of times, lack of support would result in ministry projects being placed on hold. Knowing one of the families that is living overseas makes giving this gift much more personal.

What “A Generous December” means to me, is the ability to give so that the gospel may be furthered. It also means being a part of something greater than myself. December is usually preoccupied with shopping plans, ugly sweaters, friends, family and stressful workdays because the holidays are coming up. When we sit down and think about what fills our busy days ahead, it is easy to forget about the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. “A Generous December” is a great opportunity to be a part of something that is greater. Daily I have to remind myself that Jesus is greater than whatever my day seems to present. As I remind myself of this truth, everything else seems so minuscule.  When I spill coffee in my shirt and its only 11am on Monday, I think about a church plant in Baltimore and missionaries that need our financial support. How lame and selfish can I really be? The facts are simple-$10,000 all going directly to further the gospel. As we all think about what to give, ask what can you live without so that others may hear the gospel through the equipping of our missionaries and church planters. We can all live with one less latte and few less trips to Target. As I am deciding what to give, I am reminding myself that Jesus is greater. This time of year is financially hard for many people, but remember that Jesus is greater than anything else we are doing this month.  Jesus was born so that one day, he would die for the sins of the world. It is Jesus in my place. That is the gospel, the one that needs to be shared in Baltimore, in South Asia and the rest of the world.

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