Why Go to Church this Easter? Blog - Easter 2018

Why Go to Church this Easter?

While the number of people who claim no religious affiliation at all is increasing here in the American South, it is still common for folks to have a church they go to—at least occasionally. But perhaps many church attenders have never thought much about why they go. Maybe it’s just what their family has traditionally done. Maybe it’s a weekly opportunity to see friends. Maybe it helps instill good morals in their children. Maybe the sermons have helped them navigate the difficulties and uncertainties of life.

But what about you? Why do you go to church?

Here are two reasons we gather as a church family and think it worthwhile to invite others to join us:

1. We Gather to Remember the Greatness of God

As humans, it is our nature to find things that are attractive. As children, we pick colorful flowers and collect shiny rocks. We are drawn to things that make us wonder: “How did this come to be?” That’s why millions visit Machu Picchu or the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall of China each year. We were made to marvel. Yet day-to-day living often leaves us preoccupied with the mundane, and we need to be reminded of greatness. And not just that there is something greater than us, but someone who is greater.

God is greater. He is above any wonder the world has to offer because he created the world! He is the author of time and order, energy and space. God knows all things, sees all things, governs all things. Remembering the greatness of God puts proper perspective on our daily concerns.

2. We Gather to Celebrate the Goodness of God

God’s greatness alone is terrifying. Nothing can stop him from accomplishing his will. From birth, we want the attention to be on ourselves. We are bent towards exalting our will above all others. And for this, we stand opposed to God. Yet the gospel displays God’s goodness towards us. While we were still his enemies living for ourselves, he gave us his only Son, Jesus. God exerted his power on our behalf. He has stretched out his mighty arm to rescue us from ourselves. He is for us, not against us.

Recalling God’s goodness towards us in Christ fills us with gratitude and a desire to obey. Knowing our place in his family gives us greater purpose and worth than any we could achieve on our own. We gather to celebrate these realities.

Do you need to be reminded of God’s greatness? Who else in your life would benefit from being assured of God’s goodness? You can be a great blessing by inviting them to gather with us this Easter.

-Missions Director