Why a Women's Community Group that meets in the morning?

*This blog post was written by Allison Herrington. Allison and Holly Holton will be starting a women’s Community Group that meets on Wednesdays at 930am in NW Greensboro off Battleground Ave. Email Allison at herrington06@gmail.com for more info.

When thinking about why community has been so important in my life, I’ve thought of great stories, precious memories, the growth I’ve experienced and seen in others, the stories of redemption and the tears of sharing hard struggles, the list could go on and on, all speaking on a great work that Christ has blessed our community group with. I could use these examples to motivate or guilt you into joining a group, but the truth is we all know how much we need community. Its there everyday when we struggle, have a need, realize some great truth and see blessings in our lives, we want to have people around us to share that with. We have scripture calling us a body, scripture calling us to love and encourage one another, and scripture reminding us that we are family, as image bearers we all have a desire to know and be known.

This weekend at Group Link Mercy Hill Church is launching numerous community groups hoping to create a place for you to fit and local family to belong to. I’m really excited to be part of a new group just for women.  It’s our hope to gather moms, women who work at night or have class, and even women who are in other groups but could use a little more time with other women to connect during a week filled with pouring yourself out to your family. We recognize that community group at night is hard during certain life stages, we hope this group will be a great option for moms who have little ones that go to bed early. This isn’t going to be a how-to class for moms or a casual time to talk about what’s happening on your favorite show, it’s going to be a time to get into the Word, apply the truth from the sermon to our lives as women, and to encourage one another by speaking truth and sharing wisdom, and of course build friendships!

So if you are a woman who is free Wednesday mornings from 9:30am-11am, please join us! We will have childcare available so bring along your little ones.

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