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Where Does Five Years Take You?

Hopefully, most of you have seen Incredibles 2 by now. You, like me, waited for this for fourteen YEARS! That’s right. Fourteen years. When asked why, Brad Bird, writer and director, said that too many movie franchises make sequels just to make money. That’s not what they’re about. Bird said, “It makes no financial sense to wait this long—it’s purely [that] we had a story we wanted to tell.” We feel this on a deep level in MH College because we have the best story to tell. We’re giving you a better story AND a shorter wait than the Incredibles. It’s been five years, and it’s led us to where we are now, telling the greatest story of all time. Welcome to MH College Live.

Why I’m Excited:

This service will present one of the most unique missional opportunities we’ve ever had in MH College. I’m excited about the opportunity we have to see hundreds of new freshmen from campuses all across the Triad become believers this Fall. It was during my first year of college—and at Mercy Hill—that I became a follower of Jesus. Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in many different roles, including my current role as a College Resident at my alma mater UNCG.

As I think back to my freshman year, I can’t help but be thankful for a group of guys that were on the Mercy Hill launch team that met me and shared the gospel with me. And in the same way that I needed the hope of the gospel, all of these incoming students do as well. We’ve already had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of new students on UNCG’s campus through our First 10 initiative. It’s awesome to know that we have a service designed specifically towards making all of these new students feel like they belong at Mercy Hill.

All College Campuses, One Service:

Another exciting part of MH College Live is the opportunity for cross-campus relationships. Many times in college, you only have the opportunity to connect with people that go to the same college or university as you. However, MH College is made up of students from at least 8 different schools: A&T, HPU, UNCG, WSSU, Elon, GTCC, Guilford College, and Greensboro College. MH College Live will present the opportunity for students who otherwise might never meet to be in community with one another and build friendships. I had the awesome opportunity through the SENT Initiative to build friendships with people across many of those different campuses, and I know I’m not the only one who’s excited that there’s a space for that every week.

Oh Yeah, and a FREE T-Shirt:

How could I forget? We’re also giving out free (that’s right, FREE) t-shirts to everyone who comes to the MH College Live Launch Service on August 19 at 6:30pm. Just come to that service (bring all your friends) and get a free t-shirt. See you this weekend!

MH College Patrick Anderson Free T-shirt

-Patrick Anderson (College Resident)