Mercy Hill Church Blog - When Me-Monsters Invade Disney World

When Me-Monsters Invade Disney World

A few weeks ago my family was able to spend a week at Disney World, which is coined “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” It definitely exceeded my expectations; however, during our time there, something became increasingly evident. During the middle of the week we encountered two boys around ten years of age that decided they should have an MMA fight at the Magic Kingdom because one of them didn’t get his way. What was interesting is that the dad was just standing there, watching his two boys duke it out. I thought he was going to pull out some popcorn, a coke, and a recliner and enjoy the show—until mom showed up. As if the boys weren’t bad enough with their haymakers, the parents began arguing with one another in front of everyone. The mom then said the dad shouldn’t make a scene (at this point it was way past a scene), so the dad barked back, “You want a scene! I’ll show you a scene!” and then began throwing his arms up in the air. At that point they walked off still yelling at one another. I am not sure who was worse, the kids or the parents, but it was very evident that even in “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” all of us are still selfish sinners.

We Are All Me-Monsters

Pastor Andrew uses the term well in calling kids, and all of us, “me-monsters.” Ever since Adam and Eve’s choice to prioritize themselves over God, we have all been working hard to make life all about ourselves. It is easy and natural for us to do this; so much so that even at Disney World kids and parents scream at one another.

As parents, we are the primary disciple-makers of our kids. We are called to point them to the gospel and show them how Jesus has been the “anti-me monster.” He poured himself out completely for us, and his generosity is what we should desire our kids to both receive and emulate. As we parent these me-monsters, we should realize that we are the same as they are with just as big of a need for Jesus. We can teach them that generosity is not natural for us either, but that Jesus has been generous to us, and because of that, we can now be generous.

Live Generously, Together

There is a great opportunity over the next few weeks to help your kids learn about generosity through our series on the Together Initiative. During these five weeks, the Kids Guide—which always goes along with the sermon—will help you dive into generosity with your kids and give you some easy action steps to take with them to help them live generously. We also encourage you to bring your kids into your family’s discussion about the Together Initiative. It gives you a great opportunity to talk with them about generosity and allows them to see it lived out in their parent’s lives. Encourage your kids to walk alongside of you as we all learn more about what it means to be generous.

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-Brant Gordon (Kids Ministry Director)