When Adults Look Like Toddlers

We’ve all seen it. It could be in a grocery store, a shopping mall, or when driving down the road. Someone gets cut off in a shopping line or on the street and absolutely loses it! He will begin screaming and trying to figure out how he is going to get back at the person who would do such a terrible thing. Someone else might respond with a more traditionally religious shaking of the head, casting the person off as a sinner of the highest caliber. Most everyone thinks, “How could someone do this to ME? Don’t they know this is MY spot? Don’t they know that I am in a hurry?”

Kids are not the only ones who throw temper tantrums, yet we are much quicker to notice these outbursts of selfishness in others, especially kids, than in ourselves. Kids are great examples to us about the selfishness that lies within because they haven’t learned to keep it as secret as we do. That’s why we must practice the removal of selfishness in ourselves and teach our kids how selfishness shows itself in them.

Ultimately, we must point them to generosity—the anti-selfishness. We must show them that perfect generosity is seen in Jesus giving His life for ours (Mt. 20:28). We cannot be perfectly generous, but Jesus has been that for us, and now we can be generous because of that truth. Kids learn primarily through verbal instruction and modeling. As parents we have an opportunity to teach kids the importance of generosity and show them how generosity is lived out in our lives.

Get Going with Generosity

This fall, Mercy Hill Kids is doing the Generosity Project in order to help parents teach their kids the importance of generosity. Each week we will be collecting coins and bills to provide clean water for families living in poverty. We are partnering with a missionary family from Mercy Hill who is serving in Southeast Asia, to help make this project a reality. We want kids to learn to be generous and know that their generosity fuels something much bigger than themselves. It fuels the mission of the church and can make a difference in making disciples of all nations. We are excited to see what God will do in the lives of kids over this season and hope that you will partner with us in making a difference here and across the world.

For more information about the Generosity Project, feel free to email me at bgordon@mercyhillgso.com.

-Brant Gordon (Kids Ministry Director)