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What To Expect At College Connect

What to expect…


Some one once said, “information is power”…or is it “knowledge is power”?  Whatever.   Anyways, this Sunday we are officially kicking off the college school year with our College Connect lunch (and dinner).  All the information you need to know about our fall retreat, the City Project, and more will be at your fingertips.  See I told you, “knowledge is power”.  If you’re new to Mercy Hill this is a great chance for you to learn more about who we are, meet some of the pastors and get plugged in with our college ministry.


One of the most important things we do as a church is to connect students to community groups.  A community group is a small group of people who meet on or near campus each week to hang out, study the Bible, and pray together.  At College Connect we are going to make it super…super…super easy for you to get connected to one of our college groups and meet other college students.  And who knows maybe you’ll be meet your future spouse…I’m just saying (Don’t act like you weren’t thinking about it).


Because we love college students at Mercy Hill we feed them.  P.F. Changs is hooking it up and there’s lots of food to go around.  If you could care less about information or connection then you probably care about food…so come for the food.

What not to expect…


They’re creepy and so we try and keep them away from things like this at all costs.

Your future spouse:

What do think this is…  Give me a break.

Clips from Sharknado:

I’ve already wasted several hours of my life once…I will not subject anyone to the tortures of this again.

-Jeremy Dager 

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