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What’s The Deal with the Equip Seminars?

First of all, I want to make sure that everyone is absolutely clear. As most of you know, Mercy Hill is taking a summer break from Community Groups. In their place, we are offering a choice between three seminars that will each meet four times (i.e. July 13th, 20th, 27th, and August 3rd). Those who sign up for a certain seminar topic will stick with that same topic all four weeks. For example: If you are taking Intro to Theology, you will attend the Intro to Theology section all four weeks.

What is the Cost and What Do I Get?

The cost is $20 per person and with the price of the seminar you will receive a book designed to supplement the seminar (this book may or may not be referenced in the classes. It is simply to be used for additional depth and clarification on the core issues of the class). You will also receive an Equip booklet in which to take notes and will be served refreshments.

The book for each class is as follows:

Apologetics for Evangelism: The Reason for God – Timothy Keller

Intro to Theology: Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know – Wayne A. Grudem & Elliot Grudem

Marriage & Family: God, Marriage, and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation – Andreas J. Kӧstenberger & David W. Jones

What is Each Class About?

Apologetics for Evangelism

Apologetics is basically the study of how people have or should defend the faith. But defending the faith is different from sharing the Gospel. We learn apologetics to help us break down immediate barriers that people put up before they will give the Gospel a fair hearing. So, what this seminar is designed to do is teach you apologetic answers to the most common questions that skeptics use as walls against the Gospel. These arguments probably will help strengthen your faith, but the goal is that they might create opportunities to share the Gospel with willing hearers.

Intro to Theology

John Calvin believed that there are two types of knowledge that are foundational for all other knowledge: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. These two types of knowledge actually inform each other. For example: the more we truly grasp God and His holiness, the more we will truly grasp how sinful we are and vice versa. Theology is the study of God and therefore, entails the study of man. In this seminar, we will be covering the questions of “What is revelation?”, “Who is God?”, “Who is Christ?”, and “Who is man?” in more depth than we could ever cover on a Sunday or during a community group. Coming out with the foundational knowledge that will be covered in this class will help your Bible study and faith become more firmly grounded on truth.

Marriage & Family

The decline of marriage and the family is not just something that is happening in the world, it is happening in our churches. While the issues are probably multifaceted, the foundational issue is that we the church have allowed the definition of marriage and family to be rewritten by the world. This has shown a weakness on our part as it is in the Bible that we find the good, original design that God intended for these structures of life. This seminar is designed to regain the biblical definition and foundation for marriage and the family through deep study of the relevant texts and will give ultra-practical advice on how to live off of this foundation.

We at Mercy Hill hope that you will sign up for one of these seminars and strive to go deeper with us in this act of discipleship.

-Alex Nolette (1 Year Ministry Resident)

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