Mercy Hill Local Missions Serve Week Blog

What’s Our Motivation for Local Missions?

Do you ever wonder why you do some of the things that you do? “Why do I act this way around that person?” “Why do I think about a particular issue so differently than some of my peers?” When you start to ask yourself these kinds of questions, you will inevitably get to the question of motivation. Motivation is the reason why we do what we do. Well, as individuals and as church, it is important that we ask ourselves about our motivations in ministry. So, in light of the fact that we are less than a week away from Serve Week at Mercy Hill, I think it important that we revisit the motivation for mission, particularly “local missions” which is what Serve Week is all about!

So what is (or should be) our motivation for local missions? You could pose that question to many people and get several different answers. But at Mercy Hill, there is really just one big answer. Simply put, the motivation for mission is the grace of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This one singular motivation is what drives us to serve in a host of different ways.

Here’s how we think about it: Jesus loved us when we were unlovable, and Jesus served us when we were too lost, hurting, and broken to help ourselves. Therefore, we as a church will not turn a blind eye to the needs of our city because we too were in desperate need. Tim Keller explains this so clearly in his book Ministries of Mercy. He says, “When a Christian sees prostitutes, alcoholics, prisoners, drug addicts, unwed mothers, the homeless, the refugees, he knows that he is looking in a mirror.” Christ loved and served us in spite of those things. So we should, as His ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20), love and serve others in spite of those things.

One of the ways that we feel this is done most effectively at Mercy Hill is through Serve Week. Serve Week happens through our Community Groups ministry three times a year. We intentionally set aside these weeks for our groups to break from their normal group meeting format in order to partner with local organizations throughout the Triad. The goal is that we would be able to, through these partnerships, show the love of Jesus to our community both in word and deed.

The next Serve Week is November 13th -19th, so if you are already in a group, I would encourage you to remind yourself of the grace of God in your life and let that grace be what motivates and fuels you to serve next week. If you are not in a group, I would encourage you to get plugged in as soon as possible. We will be launching new groups in January, and we very much want you to be a part of one of those new groups!

Lastly, pray. Pray that God would use our church to change hearts and lives in the upcoming week. Pray that the people of Mercy Hill would be brought into the orbit of those in need of Jesus, and that the tangible needs that are met would ultimately lead to their greatest need being met, their need of Jesus!

-Randy Titus (Campus Pastor, Community Groups Director)