What Next?

If last Sunday was your first time to Mercy Hill we want to again say thank you for coming!  Now you can join us in our task of making disciples of Jesus and declaring his glory among the nations.  To get you started, here are some next steps we encourage you to take:

1)  Stick around.  It’s hard to know all that a church is about from one weekend visit.  We’d love for you to come back every Sunday for the remainder of our series in the book of Esther. Sticking around these next seven or eight weeks will give you a much better sense of what Mercy Hill is all about!

2) Come to Grouplink on September 22nd.  Grouplink is an event where we launch new Community Groups at Mercy Hill. At Grouplink you will eat an awesome catered meal, meet new friends who are also looking for a Community Group, and meet the group leaders that are starting new groups. After seeing what groups are launching and where they are meeting, you can find a group that fits for you. To get the details and register, visit our events page.

3) Attend our First Steps Dinner on October 13th.  Our First Steps Dinner is your opportunity to meet our leadership team and ask them questions, hear the story, vision, core beliefs of Mercy Hill and learn how to plug in as a volunteer.  This dinner may not necessarily be the “first” step you take getting involved with our church, but its definitely not one to overlook!

Last Sunday we celebrated our 1-year anniversary.  It was a great time reflecting over the past year and how God has been working in our midst. But there is more to be done and we are looking forward!  We hope you’ll join us!

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