What kind of giver are you? Part 2

GenerousDecember_FacebookOur last blog post outlined three types of giving:  compelled giving, committed giving and creative giving.  Giving that is motivated by the Gospel for the advancement of the Gospel will include all three types of giving.

In today’s post, here are some of the creative ways others have shared how they are able to give more than their usual.  Perhaps these will inspire you to think of creative ways you could give more as part of our Generous December.

  1. One family decided that since Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birth, they would spend the most money giving to missions to spread the good news of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection.  They agreed that all the other gifts they bought at Christmas combined would not exceed the amount they gave to missions.
  2. A couple college students asked their parents to give to their local church’s Christmas offering instead of buying gifts for them.
  3. A young married couple chose to fast for one dinner each week and use the money they would have spent on their meal to give toward missions.
  4. Another man decided he would give an entire paycheck.

Are there ways you are being creative in order to give more to Generous December? We’d love to hear about them so that they may encourage others.  Feel free to share in the comment box below!

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