What kind of giver are you? Part 1

GenerousDecember_FacebookAs we encourage members and attenders of Mercy Hill to give more this December than normal, a good place to start is to consider how you normally give.  Here are three types of giving to help you evaluate your own giving.

The Compelled Giver

If you shell out a twenty when the pastor stands up and says support this ministry or we need to help this person in the church, or you add a dollar to your grocery bill when the check-out clerk asks if you’d like to donate a dollar to St. Jude’s or Make-A-Wish, or you roll down you’re window and hand the guy at the street corner $5, you’re a compelled giver.  You’re aware of needs and those needs compel you to give.

The Committed Giver

If after every paycheck you write a check to your church, stick it in an envelope, put it in your Bible and drop it in the offering plate on Sundays, or if you always tip your waiter or waitress 20% regardless of how well they served you, you’re a committed giver.

The Creative Giver

If while you’re sitting at a restaurant looking at the menu and the prices of each item and think, if I get the $8 burger verses the $20 steak, that’s $12 dollars I could give to someone in need, or  if you’re making dinner for your family and decide to double the recipe so you can take some to a neighbor, or if you look for opportunities to support ministries, and you look for for opportunities to consume less so you can give more, and you think about how you can use your material possessions to bless others, you’re a creative giver.

A Fourth Type of Giver

While being a compelled giver, a committed giver, or a creative giver can each be good, a better way to give is to be all three.  Kingdom-minded generosity is compelled by the Gospel, committed to the advance of the Gospel and creative for the sake of the Gospel.  So now that you know which type of giver you normally are, consider next how you can give in a way that you normally don’t during this Generous December.

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