Mercy Hill Church - College Residents

What Am I Going to Do with My Life?

“Hey, Jon. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life.”

 I was at an end-of-college crisis the summer before my senior year. I went into college in August of 2014 pursuing a degree in theatre, but by the end of my Junior year, I wasn’t too sure I wanted to pursue it. Standing on the sidewalk in front of a Four Seasons hotel, Jon Sheets, the director of Mercy Hill College, looks me in my eyes and said, “I think you have the makings of a church planter.” My heart immediately responded, “Nah man, you got that! Besides, I don’t even know what a church planter is!”

I went home and literally googled the definition of a church planter, and a plethora of different articles arose trying to explain it. The bottom line was that a church planter catalyzed Christ-following believers to pick up their lives to move to a location in need of the gospel to start a church. At the thought of that, my heart loudly screamed NO.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my passions (telling others about Jesus), my giftings (public speaking and casting vision), and the need (the urgency for people to hear the gospel) all lined up at this time for possibly a specific reason—to maybe one day plant a Christ-centered church.

The First Step

That led me to join MH College Staff where I currently work full-time. As a college resident, my main job is to raise up leaders to plant as many Community Groups on the campus of A&T in the hopes that Jesus will transform the campus.

At first, I joined MH College because it was the first step in planting a church, but then I realized how much of an impact being a part of college staff could have on my campus at A&T. When I stopped to look around my campus, I saw how many students struggle with depression, the desire to be accepted, alcoholism, substance abuse, and hard-heartedness. How could I not share the very message that has the ability to free broken hearts from the slavery of brokenness?

So I excitedly and willingly joined the college staff.

My first day on the job we went through an orientation called “Basecamp.” It was basically a review of what we do, why we do it, and how we will get it done. All of that can be summed up by the mission: MH College exists to see the gospel save, grow, gather, and send from the campus to the world.

Four other college residents and I learned how to work as a team by solving puzzles in a break out room and also talked about the importance of setting achievable and challenging goals. Over the course of the next two years, I pray that this residency will stretch me as a believer, as a leader, and as a potential church planter for the glory of God.

-Neeko Williams (College Resident)