What a week!

Last week we completed our first ever Mercy Hill Kids Week – and it was a blast!  We had 60 kids and over 30 adults participate in a variety of fun activities, singing, crafts, and Bible lessons.  The students learned about how God – through Jesus – made Saul (an outlaw) into a follower of Jesus (a cowboy) and they even got a swing at a Pinata for memorizing their Bible verse.  We are excited about how God is using events like this in the life of our church to raise up future disciples of Jesus and children that will be his hands and feet right here in Greensboro or around the world.  Here area  few pictures that captured the fun of last week.

IMG_0453 IMG_0465 IMG_0470 IMG_0478 IMG_0511 IMG_0512 IMG_1450 IMG_1474 ResizedImage_1374007779771 ResizedImage_1374007832897

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