• Mercy Hill Church - Weekender

August 23-25

3530 Edgefield Rd. Greensboro, NC 27409

What is the Weekender?

The Weekender is for anyone who wants to move beyond simply attending and connect meaningfully with the church. The Weekender is where YOU can move from “connected to the crowd to committed to the family.” The Weekender starts with a Friday night dinner with our staff where we share the core values and vision of Mercy Hill. On Saturday morning, we share what your role in the church could look like. And then on Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to see what serving at Mercy Hill entails. This is a sure way to get connected with others at Mercy Hill.

Attending a Mercy Hill Weekender is a prerequisite to becoming a Covenant Member of Mercy Hill Church, but Weekender attendees are not required to become Covenant Members. Register by simply clicking the sign-up button below.

Is childcare provided?

Yes! We have childcare provided on site. You will be able to check them in once you arrive.

Dinner On Us

Let Mercy Hill serve you by providing your dinner at our Friday night Weekender session. We believe that meeting new people over a meal is one of the best ways to get to know one another and feel more comfortable with each other more quickly—we’ll even provide dessert and coffee. This is a great way for our staff to get to meet you and you to get connected with others plugging in to Mercy Hill.

Mercy Hill Church - Weekender Dinner

Be a Part of the Family

At the Weekender, you will hear the story of Mercy Hill, what we believe and you will also have a chance interact with our staff and ask any questions you may have about our church. You also will see how God can weave you and your gifts into the story of Mercy Hill. Every believer is called to be a part of the church and to utilize the gifts and talents God has given them to serve for the sake of the Gospel.

Upcoming Dates

August 23-25
Sept 27-29


Friday, August 23rd – 6:00pm-8:30pm
Saturday, August 24th – 9:00am-11:30am
Sunday, August 25th – Serve during a service of your choice
*On Ramp specific to campus schedule

Mercy Hill Church - Weekender Calendar

Weekender Stories

Have you already been through the Weekender but life didn’t allow you to plug in to a serve team? On-ramp is the fast-track to get you back on a serving team. Once signed up, you’ll come to a Sunday portion of our next Weekender where you’ll shadow a serve team of your choice. Let us help you start serving again.

Register for the Weekender

Click the button below to sign up for our next Weekender and go from connected to committed.

Register for On-Ramp

Already been to a Weekender? Sign up for On-Ramp and we’ll help you get involved with serving.

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  • Mercy Hill Church - Weekender
  • Mercy Hill Church -Weekender
  • Mercy Hill Church - Weekender