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We Serve Because We Were Served

This past week, our Community Groups came along side fifteen organizations across the Triad to be the hands and feet of Christ, putting in somewhere around 2000 man hours. That’s a lot of time.

Serve Week is designed to be a week-long initiative dedicated to providing local mission opportunities within local organizations serving the community. This time around, groups packed food items and labeled and packed various canned goods; sorted and packed fresh produce to distribute to families in need; participated in a city-wide prayer for those who were considering abortion, praying to the Lord that they would choose life for their unborn child; worked in gardens; and painted homes for future homeowners who had overcome addictions.

The Rowell Group was one of those groups. They served at Out of the Garden (a long time MH Partner for Serve week), working along-side a group from St. Pius and a group from local high school. Their primary tasks were to repack some damaged boxes and then start new bags, filling them with food and beverage items. Within two hours, they had packed approximately 420 bags to go out into the community.

I asked Steve (the community group leader) to share his thoughts. Here is what he had to say:

“Many people in our very own city are not as fortunate. The very bags we bagged may be the only food some folks get for an entire day. Our Serve Weeks at Mercy Hill are not only an opportunity to serve those less fortunate than us but to also take a look at one’s own life and to ask ourselves, ‘Am I truly thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me? Am I doing all that I can do to help those in need?’ As I drove home from Out of the Garden, I prayed that the Lord would lead me to help people not only on Serve Week but in every opportunity the Lord sends to me.”

For Mercy Hill, there is a shared excitement and belief that the gospel changes everything. It changes people, and it changes the community. We strive to be a church that if Mercy Hill ceased to exist the city would mourn.

Click here to view the Serve Week photo album.

-Will Ferguson