We are all natural evangelists!

Recently I had some downtime in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Anna and I love the mountains! There are probably a hundred reasons for this but among them would certainly be the effects the mountains have on my reading habits. Having a few days off always pushes me to read something that I have wanted to for a while. So on this trip, I finally picked up a book that I’ve been hearing about for years.

The book is called Lone Survivor and recounts the story of an E. Texan born navy seal named Marcus Lutrell. Marcus was the only man to survive the worst disaster in United States Special Forces history. His story weaves in and out of his life and training finally landing him in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan in 2005. I would never want to ruin the book for you so I will spare you the details here. But suffice it to say that the story of Marcus and 3 other seals standing firm, with confidence, while facing an onslaught of over 200 Taliban warriors is fascinating, heartbreaking, and totally gripping.

The book is full of controversy and I understand that. It is also fairly political and I understand that too. But even in spite of those facts, I’ve found myself recommending the book all week. Why? Its simple, the book gripped me. And that really is my point in this blog today. As humans, we talk and advocate for the things in this world the grip us.  I once heard Larry Osborne say, “We are all natural evangelists for things that work”. He is right on. How many times do you find yourself convincing someone to watch a movie you have just seen or a book you read? How many times do we become total promoters of a new product of app for our phone? How many of us love to tell people about a certain breed of dog we like, car we drive, or computer we use (you know I am really talking about Mac folks now!)?

In our everyday lives we are total evangelists. The question is, are we evangelizing about things that really matter? In 2 Timothy 4:5, Paul told Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist” meaning that he ought always to be speaking about Jesus. I am convinced that in my life, I will do the work of an evangelist more when I am gripped by God’s grace more. I know that is true of me and it may be true of you today. Are you speaking about Jesus? If not…when is the last time you felt “gripped” by Him?

– Andrew Hopper

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