Walk for Life Recap


by Carter Mundy

Last Saturday, Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center held their annual Walk for Life fundraiser. Overall, almost $30,000 was raised in support.

As a church that supports the Care Center, we formed a walk team, cleverly known as “Mercy Thrill,” to raise money. And not only did we raise money, but one of our community groups took on setting up the innovative diaper changing station for which Mercy Hill is becoming so well known.

How much money did Mercy Thrill raise, you may ask? Over $2000! We came in second place overall, out of 31 teams. You can’t beat that (unless you’re the 1st place winner, of course)! I’m not trying to toot our own horn here, but Mercy Hill, that’s amazing! I’m so proud of our church family for, not only taking part in this event, but also getting totally behind the ministry being done at the Care Center.

Serving the unwed mothers and fathers, serving the confused teens and college students who are stuck in the majority lifestyle of our day, serving the broken families in our community, standing for the unborn human persons who have no voice of their own, is what the Care Center does on a daily basis. When we support them, we support what they do.

Of course, participating in fundraising events is only one way to support the Care Center. We already have several members of Mercy Hill who volunteer on a regular basis. If you’re interested in volunteering too, check out the Care Center website, pregnantfreehelp.com/partner. It’ll tell you more about directly getting involved with serving clients at the Care Center. You can also contact me via email at carter@pregnantfreehelp.com.

We’re not even two years old as a church, so I’m super excited to see how our relationship with Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is going to grow over the coming years. Let’s continue to let the gospel motivate us to a life of good works so that we can live as inside-out Christians in an outside-in culture.

Carter Mundy is Outreach Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, and serves as a community group leader at Mercy Hill Church. Contact: carter@pregnantfreehelp.com | 336-274-4901

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