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One Key To A Vibrant Faith-walk

Facebook has deceived us. Don’t get me wrong. I like social media. I do. I like seeing brief moments of people’s lives when they’re smiling and looking perfect so that it makes me question the mediocre happenings of my everyday. I like that. Sense the sarcasm.

Seriously, I do like aspects of social media. I’ve honestly made some life-long connections and developed deep friendships with the help of the online world. But generally speaking, if not kept in check, social media has this ability to deceive us.

It inadvertently teaches that relationships are formed from afar, without getting really messy, by clicking “like” and inserting emoticons. I love emoticons. But we as humans form true relationships when we allow others to see our heart struggles. We form deep connections when we allow others to walk beside us in our dailiness, mess and all.

Before you start hatin’ me for even mentioning the sacred social media — because, ahem, this very post is posted on social media — know that I’m preaching to myself. If not purposeful, I can absolutely fall into the faux-sense of relationship that the online world offers. Because online is easier. And safer. And neater. And somewhat controllable. But God has more depth for us.

From the very beginning, God designed us for relationship. He chose a people group to reveal Himself through and to. When we come to Christ, He saves us into a family. He redeems us into the community of the church. But He didn’t mean for us to simply be “in relationship” with one another in a distant, name-only sense. He means for us to walk in unity, sharing soul and time and resources with one another. He means for intimacy.

God created relationships to be a source of strength and encouragement as we run this faith-race. But in order for relationships to step into that more intimate realm, truly changing us and empowering us in this life, we have to be willing to give our hearts and our time. Just like an intimate relationship with our God takes our heart and time.

Don’t hear me telling you to be all drastic and delete all your social media outlets. Unless Jesus is telling you to do that. I maintain many long-distance relationships through social media. But maybe we could all take an inventory of our relationships. We could ask ourselves if we’re truly giving ourselves to the community God has placed us in. We could ask if we’re guarding our hearts or allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. I personally have some heart walls I need to keep tearing down.

In efforts to deepen our connections here at Mercy Hill with one another, we’re planning a Women’s Game Night Connection Evening thingy. Sounds fun and official, doesn’t it. How about grabbing a few friends from your community group or your dorm or your neighborhood and join us! Because intimate community begins with games and caffeine. I think that’s a Bible verse. Not really.


April 24, 2015 @ 6:30pm
7616 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409

– Written by Lara Williams (

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