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Update on How God Is Changing Lives at Mercy Church

Mercy Hill family,

It is good to hear and reflect on the stories of what God has done and accomplished in people’s lives through empowering our efforts with spiritual significance. The following are short updates from Mercy Church in Charlotte’s pastor, Spence Shelton. We helped plant Mercy Church in 2015. These stories prove that your generosity helps fuel the mission and that the church is God’s plan A for the world. Take a moment this week to thank God for these incredible stories and pray for God’s continued movement through Mercy Church.

“Blake, who graduated NCSU in ’15 and moved with us to plant Mercy Church, got a job recently working for a plant nursery. He’s been faithful there and was quickly promoted to foreman of a team. The other day (maybe 1 month ago at most) he was sitting in a truck on a job site with a guy on his team. Blake took the time to share the gospel with him and the guy gave his life to Christ. Just a simple, everyday opportunity that Blake jumped on. That’s why he moved here!!”

“Debbie is a UNCC senior who took a huge leap of faith and decided to trust God with her summer by going on City Project. And yes, that means she’s there with you guys at MH! She went out sharing in NYC the other day and got to lead a complete stranger to faith in Christ! God honored Debbie’s leap of faith in a way that we know will change her forever and changed someone else’s eternity.”

“Last year, our church bought a gym membership for a missionary we partner with in the Middle East. It allowed him the platform to build some relationships. Last month, that gym officially agreed to a deal where our guy is now the General Manager and can hire others to come in and work there! This means a permanent gospel presence in a country that hasn’t had any in 30 years! Oh, and one of our members is likely moving there to be on his team.”

“In a month or so, we are sending our second couple for permanent relocation with a church plant to Germany! We sent a couple to Los Angeles in January to help D.A. Horton plant Reach Fellowship. Churches planting churches!” 

“It’s taken the better part of ten months, but we saw a truly broken marriage healed through, what I believe, was the active work of the Holy Spirit through their community group. I mean, they dug in, got real, and by God’s grace, they are back together.” 

We serve a God who loves to save, heal, and restore, and we’ve been seeing that in our own midst and through the church and ministries we partner with. This just goes to show that gospel ministry doesn’t add, it multiplies. The more we aid churches like Mercy Church, the more we will see God move all throughout the world.

— Alex Nolette (Community Groups/Equip Coordinator)