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UNITED As Told by Millennials for Millennials

Year after year fads, trends, and slang come and go. We all remember phrases like “rad” and apps like Vine * insert moment of silence*. 2017 had some words and expressions from V (short for very) to salty. Whether you are from the north or south, city or country, if you are a millennial like me you have probably uttered some of these words. So, here’s my attempt to explain #MHUnited in a way you might understand.

1. Issa Party Fam!

Noun [fahm]: abbreviated form of “family”.

Noun + verb [Iss-ah]: abbreviated form for “it’s a”.

At UNITED your old fam can be part of your new fam, and not just any fam… it’s THE FAM! We’re going to be bringing together college students from all over the Triad. In Jesus, we are made into a kingdom family. By his blood, we are grafted into his family as his adopted brothers and sisters and as children of God the Father. When we unite, this is what we’re celebrating. Brothers and sisters from Winston Salem State all the way to Elon. With that being said, we are ready to party with the fam!

2. Shook!

Adjective [SHo͝ok]: describes anything that makes you feel shocked, scared, or excited; can be good or bad depending on context.

Noun [bahp]: hit song.

Bops at a church? Shook. A worship set led entirely by college students? Shook. Neeko Williams does a spoken word that hits you in ALL the feels? Shook. Gary Rivers shares a personal testimony of how the Lord changed him? Shook. Students share about how God used SENT Initiative projects in their lives? Shooketh—for the KJV readers out there.

3. It’s lit!

Adjective [lit, like the past tense of “light”]: a descriptor used when an item, event, or even a person is very “lively.”

UNITED is going to be literally and figuratively lit. We are going full-on dance party. FULL. ON. DANCE. PARTY. Take this as your “flashing lights are used in this production,” trigger warning. We’ll be featuring our very own Spartan DJ (insert crowd chants U.N.C.G,G,G,G,G). This is not a gathering you want to miss then hear about on Twitter #fomoisreal.

4. Bet

*definition unknown, use context clues and hope for the best

Don’t have any plans this Friday, so you are bringing all your friends to United? Bet! Had plans but just changed them because you realized how awesome United is going to be? OK Bet! You just came to understand another night of Netflix by yourself eating a family size bag of Doritos with ranch is as depressing as it sounds? BEEEETTTT!   

When: Friday, January 26 (doors open at 7:45 p.m.)
Where: Clifton Rd. Campus
Who: You and EVERYONE you know with your student I.D. in hand

-MH College Team