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Trust Us: You Need This Theology Seminar

What follows is a list of stats that describe what percentage of self-identified evangelicals in 2016 either agree or somewhat agree with the corresponding statement:

  • 63% – Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.
  • 52% – Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature.
  • 40% – Even the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation.
  • 36% – The Bible was written for each person to interpret as he or she chooses.
  • 74% – An individual must contribute his or her own effort for personal salvation.

What You Don’t Know DOES Hurt You (and Others)

Perhaps these statistics aren’t shocking to you. Maybe you don’t even know why these statistics are supposed to be shocking. Take it from someone who has studied theology and the history of what the church has believed for 2000 years: these numbers are troubling.

These numbers represent people who describe themselves as evangelical, yet nearly half of them don’t hold to evangelical beliefs about God, Jesus, man, salvation, etc. These aren’t fringe theological issues, but foundational beliefs. Now, I don’t think people choose to hold beliefs that are wrong about God, but somewhere along the way, they developed a wrong belief. This is a problem. If we are worshiping a god of our own design, then we are worshiping an idol. Worse yet, if we are speaking to others about this god and about the state of man and we hold false beliefs, then we are continuing the chain of deception.

This is why the study of theology is so important. Through Mercy Hill’s Intro to Theology Equip seminar, we desire to show from the Bible who God says he is, Christ is, and mankind is and the relationship between them. This seminar will help shore up your foundation so that you can be confident that your own beliefs are scripturally based and confident that you aren’t spreading heretical teaching when you talk to others about God, Christ, man, and the Bible.

The Details

This seminar is taught by our Executive Pastor Bobby Herrington who is currently working towards his PhD in systematic theology. The book for the class is an ultra-abridged version of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology (a classic theology work that is used by churches in our stream).

Seminar Dates are October 17, 24 and November 7, 14 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at our Regional Rd. campus.

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-Alex Nolette (Equip Associate)