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Triad Disaster Relief

As many of you know, the storm that came through the Triad a couple weeks back, left a wake of damage, including: homes, schools, and even churches. As a response to the need we want to love our community and share the love of Christ by helping those that were affected by this storm. Jesus tells us that the greatest two commandments are to love God and love our neighbors (Mark 12:30-31). Right now we have such an opportunity as a church to do both of those!

Here are two ways that we want to mobilize as a church to respond to the needs of our community. I want to challenge you to do each of these things below:


This weekend, at every service and all three campuses, we will be collecting donations. Each disaster relief organization that we have talked to expressed this as an immediate need still. There will be a tent at the entrance of each campus with an A-frame sign that says “Disaster Relief” where you can drop off the donation.

Items needed:
1. Water and Gatorade
2. Tarps (for temporary roof covering)
3. Rubber or Work Gloves
4. Plywood (for windows)
5. Heavy-duty Contractor Trash Bags


We are partnering with Baptists On Mission to volunteer with the clean-up and relief effort. Over the next couple of weeks and even months they will be on the ground throughout our community pulling limbs, cutting trees, and picking up debris in the areas hardest hit. We hope to see many individuals and Community Groups tangibly serving over the next couple of weeks. I want to encourage every person that is part of Mercy Hill to serve in this capacity at least once over the next couple weeks.

It is simple, just go to the website and sign yourself or Community Group up to serve.

Lastly, as a church let’s make sure to be praying for our community and those that have been affected by the storm. Let’s pray that the churches in our community will come together to physically love our city and to share the hope of the gospel as we serve. Please feel free to share this blog and help spread the word.

In Christ,
Andrew Hopper