Training as a Team

Recently lead pastor Andrew Hopper had the privilege of writing for “Between the Times” – a blog associated with Southeastern Seminary and dedicated to training all audiences in theology, missiology, ecclisiology and a host of other essential Christian issues.  When asked to contribute it was not difficult for Andrew to choose a topic.  As a church, Mercy Hill is committed to making disciples and a huge part of that is training other men to be leaders and in particular pastors of churches both here in our own country and around the world.  One of the most integral parts of pastoral ministry is preaching and as a commitment to raising up church leaders Andrew shares how Mercy Hill seeks to train these men in the art of preaching through a team based approach.  We hope that this post will be a blessing to you and possibly even a challenge for how we as church leaders are intentionally raising up new leaders.

Click here to read Andrew’s article.

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