What is the Together Initiative?

The Together Initiative is a two-year generosity initiative across 2018 and 2019 to expand the church’s capacity for mission in three areas: for the Church, for the Triad, and for the World. We believe we can hit this goal if all current and new people who join the mission of Mercy Hill give sacrificially to the Together Initiative over the next two years.

For the Church

Before we take the gospel outside the church, the gospel must work within the church. The Together Initiative is helping us expand the capacity of our current ministries in order to grow and reach new people.

For the Triad

There are over a million people in the Triad. As a church we want to take the gospel all over the Triad in order to be accessible to every person in the Triad. The Together Initiative is helping to expand the capacity of our campus strategy as well as our partnerships with local organizations that we serve alongside.

High Point Campus

*Our High Point Campus launched on March 31, 2019

For the World

We believe that the church is God’s plan A to accomplish the Great Commission—both here and to the ends of the earth. The Together Initiative will help expand our current domestic and global church planting strategy as well as significantly increase the gospel work we are doing in South Asia.

How to Give

Giving to the Together Initiative will have a significant impact on Mercy Hill Church for several years to come. At Mercy Hill, we believe that God can do more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). We are looking forward prayerfully and with expectant hearts for what God will do in the coming years.

Generosity Ladder

The Generosity Ladder is a tool designed to help a person move from money being their god to money being a tool for God’s kingdom. The Generosity Ladder focuses on behaviors and attitudes of our hearts rather than on amounts or percentages, further transforming us into the likeness of Christ.