What is the Together Initiative?

The Together Initiative is a generosity initiative across 2018 and 2019 to expand the church’s capacity for mission in three areas:

Mercy Hill Church - For the Church - Together Initiative
Mercy Hill Church - For the Triad - Together Initiative
Mercy Hill Church - For the World - Together Initiative

Together Initiative Overview

The Issue

The truth is right now at Mercy Hill we are at capacity across the board. This means that every aspect of Mercy Hill Church has reached its maximum capacity. This includes our seating, our staffing, our serving, and our sending. For the mission and ministry of our church to grow and continue to move forward, we must raise the ceiling on our capacity in each of these areas.

As a church we really have two options. We can either raise the level of generosity to meet the vision God has given us, or we need to decrease the vision to match the current levels of generosity. But, with the fact that there are over a million people in the Triad and over 6000 unreached people groups in our world, this pushes us to the first option: as a church we must come together, sacrificing to raise the level of generosity up to the vision and mission God has given us.

The Solution

We believe that if all 2500 people of Mercy Hill Church come together and give sacrificially to one vision and mission, we will see our capacity expanded and the gospel go forward in the church, in the Triad, and in the world. If God could create a movement out of the forty people that planted Mercy Hill Church, what could God do if over 2500 people came together for the church, for the Triad, and for the world?

The Gospel Saves


Baptisms since Mercy Hill’s launch in 2012

242 People - 2472 People

Attendance growth at Mercy Hill (2012-2017)

Together Initiative - Chelsea Blanford

Chelsea Blanford came to Mercy Hill as a college student separated from Christ. Upon hearing the gospel proclaimed and discussed in her community group, she committed to following Christ and was baptized in April 2014. Through our college ministry’s City Project, Chelsea learned how to be a disciple who makes disciples and experienced her first international trip to Quebec, Canada. After completing our Ministry Residency, Chelsea returned to Quebec and is currently serving among North America’s largest unreached people group to reach college students for Christ.

The Gospel Gathers

120 & 390

Students & kids gathered every weekend at Mercy Hill


Community Groups meeting during the week


College campuses represented

The Gospel Grows


Families giving each month to Mercy Hill


Individuals who’ve been through the Weekender


Volunteers serving across both campuses

The Gospel Sends


Sent out on Mission


Domestic churches planted


Community ministry partnerships

Introducing One Fund

A one fund is a way to fuel the overall vision and mission of the church by aligning the entire church body around a twenty-four month generosity initiative. Instead of viewing giving as going towards multiple buckets (missions, operations, staffing, etc.), a one fund reflects the reality that the church has one unified vision and mission. Therefore, all giving should be directed towards that unified mission.

For two years, both our current giving and all our additional giving will go into a single fund called the Together Initiative that will fuel the overall vision and mission of the church. This one fund approach will remind us that we are one church with one vision and one mission.

Mercy Hill Church - Goal - Together Initiative
Our vision is to see the gospel save, grow, gather, and send. Our mission is to come together as a church for three areas of ministry: for the church, for the Triad, and for the world.
Together Initiative - Worship
Together Initiative - One Fund Graphic

Based on our current level of giving, in 2018-2019 we project an income of $5,520,000. If nothing changes, this is what Mercy Hill would be able to spend on ministry and mission. To meet the Together Initiative goal, we need to increase our giving by $4,413,375 across 2018-2019.


2018-2019 Projected Income


2018-2019 Additional Giving Needed

Without increased giving the church cannot see the ministry and mission expand. Current levels of generosity will only allow us to maintain current levels of ministry. Right now Mercy Hill is at capacity in 4 key areas: staffing, seating, serving, and sending. As of now, we have no margin for growth in these areas. We must either increase the capacity or accept the fact that we will not grow.


In rough numbers, Mercy Hill would ideally have an 80:1 ratio in attendees to full time staff (or equivalent). Right now that ratio is 113:1. We have the leaders and the ministry opportunities, but in terms of current staffing, we are at capacity.


When our worship gatherings are over 80% full we send a message to first time guests; there is no room for you here. Right now in our high seasons, Mercy Hill is over 80% in all morning services. In terms of seating, we are at capacity.


We have 31 Triad partnerships, but financially we give to only 3 which are all in Greensboro. We are a church for the Triad and need to be financially involved in community partnerships across the region. In terms of serving, we are at capacity.


We are funding/sending as many teams as we can, but the door is open to fund more evangelistic trainings on the field and develop more cohorts stateside. Although we have the leaders and the opportunities, in terms of sending, we are at capacity.


Before we take the gospel outside the church the gospel must work within the church. The Together Initiative will help us expand our capacity within our ministries and continue to fund the current ministry we are already doing as a church.

This includes our community groups, Weekender, kids, and students to name a few. We want to be a church that is both deep and wide, and we must continue to expand our capacity to accomplish this.

We want to continue to see the gospel grow in us as a church so that we can take the gospel to the Triad and the world.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. -2 Peter 3:18


The ministry within our church produces the people to take the gospel outside the church.

Mercy Hill is not a church with community groups but rather a “church of community groups”.  We now have 101 groups representing almost 1500 people, and we are continuing to raise up community group leaders who seek to lead others into deeper relationships with Jesus.

Mercy Hill Kids is now seeing around 345 kids attend each week. We have been able to celebrate kids hearing the gospel and following Jesus in baptism, as well as kids grasping the importance of generosity and missions. We are excited to see kids understand that the best life lived is the life lived for Jesus!

Each weekend gathering averages 120 students between grades 5 and 12 who are connecting with life giving community, growing in their understanding of the Word, and then being sent with the gospel. We desire to equip young believers to live out their faith in the gospel no matter the cost.

The response to the Equip Seminars has blown away our expectations as over 100 people on average attended each Equip season in 2017. We pray that God will continue to use this deeper training to further people’s commitment to Christ throughout their daily life.

In 2017 we have hosted over 360 people at the Weekender with an average attendance of over 45 people. Seeing people move from “connected to the crowd to committed to the family” is our privilege and purpose within the overall Mission of Mercy Hill Church.

Every Sunday dozens of people visit Mercy Hill for the first time. Our volunteer teams (Parking, First Impressions, and Worship Arts) create a welcoming environment that communicates to our guests that they matter.


There are over a million people in the Triad. As a church we want to expand our capacity to take the gospel all over the Triad. This will happen primarily in two ways: Campus strategy and community ministry.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these. -Mark 12:30-31

Campus Strategy

We see the gospel spreading to new places in the Triad in two ways. The first is our campus planting strategy. We want our campuses to be gospel hubs all over the Triad. As a church we want to be accessible to every person in the Triad. The Together Initiative will expand the capacity of our campus strategy. Some highlights of this strategy will be two new campuses in the next 3 years, in addition to our current Regional and Clifton Road campuses.

Future Campuses

Edgefield Campus

Our Edgefield Campus is currently under construction. We hope to launch the Edgefield Campus in the early part of 2018. Click here to visit the Edgefield Campus page.

High Point Campus

While we are still in the initial phase of thinking about where a fourth campus will go as of now High Point is our target. This will hopefully happen in the Fall of 2019.

Together Initiative - Edgefield Campus
  • David McNees

    Edgefield Campus Pastor

  • 20

    Community groups gathering in the Northwest area

Together Initiative - High Point Groups
  • 18

    Community groups gathering in the High Point area

  • 700

    People from the High Point area attending Mercy Hill

Current Campuses

Regional Campus

In March of 2014, Mercy Hill began meeting in our Regional location with around 800 people. Since then, God has more than doubled the number of weekend attendees, even as we sent out the Clifton Road Campus.

Clifton Road Campus

Mercy Hill Church launched its second campus in September of 2016. The Clifton Road Campus launched with two services to reach individuals in the Central Greensboro area of the Triad.

Together Initiative - Regional Campus
  • 1,657

    2017 fall high attendance including kids

  • 95

    Baptisms in 2017

  • 1,506

    First-time guests in 2017

Together Initiative - Clifton Campus
  • 815

    2017 fall high attendance including kids

  • 47

    Baptisms in 2017

  • 852

    First-time guests in 2017

Community Ministry

We also want to come together for the Triad by expanding our capacity to partner with local organizations that are laser-focused and highly effective at meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people in our city. Our goal is to increase our partnerships with local organizations, begin partnerships with new organizations, and increase the hours that our congregation serves in the Triad.

Current Community Ministry Partnerships:

  • Hope Academy
  • Jackson Middle School
  • Backpack Beginnings
  • Freedom House
  • GSO Pregnancy Care Center
  • Hannah’s Haven
  • Out of the Garden
  • World Relief
  • Act Together
  • Guilford County Jail Ministry
  • Young Lives
  • One Child’s Voice
  • Hospice Home of Winston-Salem
  • Shepherd Center
  • Greensboro Urban Ministry
Together Initiative - Becca Pearman

“My husband and I starting attending Mercy Hill a little over a year ago. We really wanted to be planted into a local church together.  Several of our closest friends had started attending Mercy Hill, and I heard that the church was supporting Hannah’s Haven Teen Challenge, the recovery program that I graduated from, so we decided to check it out.  We fell in love with the teachings, the emphasis on community and accountability, and the church’s desire to spread the gospel locally and globally.“ -Becca Pearman


There are over six thousand unreached people groups in the world and we believe that church planting is God’s plan A. This means that we want to have big goals as a church in terms of our North American and International church planting strategy. The Together Initiative will help expand our current domestic and global church planting strategy as well as significantly increase the gospel work we are doing in India.

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth. -Psalm 67:4

Church Planting

North American Church Plants

The Together Initiative is important to fuel our church planting strategy. Additional funding through the Together Initiative will help support our current church plants, like Grace Alive in Orlando FL. The Together Initiative will also enable us to plant two new churches in the next two years, including Redemption Heights in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 16

    Mercy Hill members sent to Orlando, Florida with Cam Triggs to help plant Grace Alive Church

  • 7

    Domestic Church Plants

    • Jesus Our Redeemer | Baltimore, MD | 2013
    • The Bridge Church | Wilmington, NC | 2014
    • Mercy Church | Charlotte, NC | 2015
    • Two Cities Church | Winston-Salem, NC | 2016
    • Reach Fellowship | Los Angeles, CA | 2017
    • Grace Alive Church | Orlando, FL | 2017
    • Redemption Heights | Philadelphia, PA | 2018

International Church Plants

Our international strategy focuses on making disciples and gathering them into local churches among both unreached peoples and places. The Together Initiative will enable us to greatly increase our international church planting efforts. As an example, in South Asia, the Together Initiative will allow us to double our on the ground trainings, develop an international cohort that trains our people to work in South Asia, and increase the amount of teams Mercy Hill sends to work alongside our partners on the field. Mercy Hill is working in many places around the world among unreached peoples, and below you will see two examples.

South Asia

  • 77,219,000

    People in a state Mercy Hill is targeting

  • 55,000

    Villages in a state Mercy Hill is targeting (35,000 with no gospel presence)

Together Initiative - Rachel

Rachel was baptized at Mercy Hill in January 2013. Later she served as a staff member in our college and kids ministries. In 2017 she moved to South Asia to help make disciples and plant churches among those who have never heard the name of Jesus.


  • 12,000

    Yanesha living in the jungles of Peru

  • 3-4

    Teams from Mercy Hill sent each year to work among the Yanesha people group

How to Give

Giving to the Together Initiative will have a significant impact on Mercy Hill Church for several years to come. This is a critical time in the life of our church and a marker of the ways God is working in and through us for the sake of his kingdom and his glory. So, how do you give?

Carefully figure out the amount you normally give in a year—tithing, weekly/monthly offerings, special giving— all of it. Add to that the increased amount you want to give during Together and multiply it by two years. If you’re able to give from stored resources, prayerfully add that one-time gift to your total.

The goal for the Together Initiative is a God-sized goal. We know that God is going to have to move in the hearts of our members, but at Mercy Hill, we believe that God can do more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). We are looking forward prayerfully and with expectant hearts.

Generosity Ladder

Together Initiative - Generosity Ladder

Together Series Community Group Guides

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