• Mercy Hill Church - Grouplink - January 2019 - Community Groups

Three Reasons to Join a Community Group Right Now!

As you have probably heard over the past few weeks, Grouplink is now open. That means now is the best opportunity for you to get connected to a Community Group at Mercy Hill. This past week, Pastor Andrew reminded us that if you are not in a Community Group, you are missing over half of what we have to offer as a church.

Here are three really important reasons and responses for you to consider why you should join a Community Group:

  1. You are not created to be alone – Deep down, we all know that as hard as relationships can be sometimes, we need to be in relationships with others. Don’t try to live out your Christian walk by yourself. We all have blind spots that we need others to speak in to, and we all have the ability to encourage and support others on their journey.
  2. Your relationship with Christ energizes relationships with others – Another way to say this is your vertical relationship fuels your horizontal relationships. When we recognize the impact that Christ’s love is having on us daily, we will naturally be moved to see impact and growth in others.
  3. Discovering your gifts and finding your calling often happens in groups! – All of us have been uniquely created for a purpose. Applying the content of Scripture as presented on the weekend is the aim of every Community Group each week. Your involvement in this weekly application will serve to deepen your relationship with Christ and others. It will also produce a greater awareness in how you are designed to impact the kingdom moving forward.

Grouplink ends next Monday, May 6th. Groups are filling up fast, but there is still a space for you. Your campus pastor and I are prepared to help you find a group that is the best fit for you should you need it. Please click here to get connected.

There are many groups still available, but here are three that have the most availability:

Mercy Hill Church Grouplink Groups

Rogers/Page Group

  • Meets on: Thursdays at 2:30 PM
  • Location: Greensboro (Near Friendly Avenue/Market Street)
  • Bio: Both Shannon and Ethan’s heart for this group is to be multi-generational. God pulled Shannon into Mercy Hill through a Community Group, and she wants to make a way for others to have community that are not able to meet at night. Ethan Page has been a part of Mercy Hill for over three years. Ethan serves on the seating team and prayer team at the Clifton Road Campus. Ethan is fired up about the gospel and wants to see people shaped and transformed by it.

Mercy Hill Church Grouplink Groups

Chatham Group

  • Meets on: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
  • Location: Greensboro (Near Burlington Road/McLeansville Road)
  • Bio: Dustin and Amy have been married 4 years and have been attending Mercy Hill since 2015. Dustin is an IT Engineer, and Amy is the Office Manager. They have a passion for living in community.

Mercy Hill Church Grouplink Groups

Chappell Group

  • Meets on: Tuesdays at 7 PM
  • Location: Greensboro (S/SW Greensboro off Randleman Road)
  • Bio: Jonathan and Hannah Chappell have been at Mercy Hill for four years. Jonathan enjoys serving in First Impressions, and Hannah loves helping in Mercy Hill Kids. They have a four-year-old son and a ten-month-old baby girl. The Chappells love cooking meals together and spending time outside. They are passionate about living in gospel community with others and are so excited to see who God brings to this new group and what He will do in and through them as the group grows together in Christ.

-Jonathan Spangler (Community Groups Director)