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As a church plant in its very early stages we find ourselves constantly relying on others for support.  However, amidst our seemingly endless list of needs, Mercy Hill Church desires to be a resource to others as well.  One of the practical ways that we are going to do this is to provide links to helpful blog posts that we have read that run the gamut of church planting topics.   Each of these posts has been instrumental for us in our journey to Greensboro.

1. Determining Your Calling

One of the initiatives that The Summit Church has taken to raise up leaders is to provide forums that address various topics from theology to missiology.  Last week, J.D. Greear expounded on the concept of calling.  Calling is essential to church planting and Mercy Hill has gleaned a great deal from J.D.’s insight on this subject.  Our hope is that in listening you will be challenged in your own thinking about God’s call on your life.

2. Six Types of People You Meet in Church Planting

Church planting attracts a wide variety of personalities and skills, making a church planting team a very diverse group of people.  It doesn’t take long in the church planting process to realize the diversity of people a team attracts.  Even if the church planter is aware of this reality, it can be difficult to adjust to the types of people who you connect with.  Although not exhaustive, this article sheds some light on the main categories of people you will come in contact with while building a team.

3. 7 Tips for Talking with Your Neighbors About Jesus

Church planting experts (whoever they may be) say that one of the common failures of church plants is to become too inwardly focused, often excluding your new neighbors.  Currently, Mercy Hill Church is going through a study in the book of Jonah.  In this study we have begun to brainstorm practical ways we can take the gospel to the folks around us in Greensboro.  This article provides tangible “how to’s” with a few helpful tips for talking with your neighbors about the gospel.

We’d love to hear from you.  How have these articles helped shape your thinking about church planting?  What ways have they offered encouragement or challenged you?

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