Three for Thought

1. “It’s Not Your Party

Can we confess something to you?  Sometimes after all the traveling, fundraising, planning, and meeting it can be easy to think that this church planting thing is actually about us.  Thanks to the guys at Take Your Vitamin Z for posting a blog that reminds us it’s not.  Actually the post is an excerpt from Paul Tripp’s great book Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand.  Here Tripp reminds us that Scripture is the Grand Narrative about God and you and I are wonderfully pulled into this narrative.  It’s never the other way around – it’s never about us.

2. “11 Gospel-centered Ways to Love Your City

In his first epistle, the apostle John writes that our love towards others, which is always in response to God’s love for us, is to be action based (3:18).  As Christians we have seen God’s love for us through an action – the sending of His Son to live the life we couldn’t and die the death we deserved.  As a church plant looking to make a gospel impact in the city of Greensboro we are always looking for ways to actively demonstrate the love displayed in the gospel.  This article from The Resurgence is a helpful tool that has provided us with specific ways to love our city.  We’re positive it will be a great resource to you as well.

3. “Hopper House

Ever wonder what the life of a church planter is like – at home?  Well the Hopper’s have graciously provided us with a sneak peek into their life.  Check out how lead pastor Andrew Hopper and his family spends time away from all the hectic chaos of planting a church.  Here’s a great way to get to know a church planter on a little more personal level.

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