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“Let Churches Lead and Welcome the Church Planter”

This article taken from a nine-part series by Ed Stetzer (based on his new book Viral Churches) deals with the interaction between denominations and church planting.  Stetzer argues that denominations can be a vital tool for church planting but if denominations are not careful they can actually hinder the work of church planters – “Want church planting?– don’t drive it down from the denominational ‘top;’ instead ‘provoke’ the churches to ‘love and to good works’ (Hebrews 10:24) so that they own it locally.”


“More Than Enough”

Here’s a clip from our friend Steven Furtick that will get any body amped up.  He says, “[God] doesn’t choose you because you’re so full of good stuff. He chooses you and then He fills you with all the good stuff. So you don’t have to have what it takes if you know the one who can give you more than enough to do everything.”  This is crucial to one’s understanding of church planting.  It’s normal, average, everyday Joe’s (and Jane’s) who have been chosen by God and are living on mission for Him in a city like Greensboro.


“Reflections on Seven Years of Church Planting”

What happens when God grows your church from ten people meeting in your parent’s living room to five-thousand people?  Apparently you do it all over again.  Justin Anderson, pastor of Redemption Church in Phoenix shares some of his insights on the last seven years of church planting.  And he tells you why he’s doing it all again.

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