Three for Thought

This week we continue our “Three for Thought” series where we share articles and insights that have been helpful for Mercy Hill in the early stages of planting in Greensboro.  We would love to hear back from you.  How have these articles helped shape your thinking about church planting?  What ways have they offered encouragement or challenged you?

1. 10 Things to Know About Planting in an Urban Context

In this article pastor Jerome Gay of Vision Church in Raleigh, NC shares his insight about planting a church in an urban setting.  Pastor Jerome has considerable experience working in some of the toughest parts of Raleigh.  The article is biblically rooted and extremely practical.  Mercy Hill has been blessed to gain much insight from Pastor Jerome in learning how we can contextualize the gospel to the more urban areas of Greensboro.

2. Church Planting and the Single Woman

The title pretty much says it all.  Here, Carolyn McCulley recounts her first hand experience with a church plant in Arlington, VA.  The reality is that single women have certain advantages over married women, which prove to be extremely useful in a church planting context.  For example, a single woman is not obligated to a family (i.e. a husband or children) and thus can be more available to build relationships and serve in the community.  At Mercy Hill we have found this to be the case!  We are so grateful and blessed to have a solid group of single women on our team who do not bemoan the stage of life they are in but are using it to serve the Body of Christ.

3. Why You Should Do a Church Planting Residency

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a church plant?  Here’s your answer.  Mike McDaniel, the behind-the-scenes man for church planting at the Summit Church, offers six convincing reasons why a church planting residency is essential for anyone thinking of planting a church.  Things like spiritual assessment, pastoral training, and financial resourcing are among the points discussed.  Andrew Hopper, lead pastor of Mercy Hill Church, has gained incredible insight as a participant in the Summit Church’s church planting residency.  We are grateful for Mike and his hard work in preparing Andrew to lead Mercy Hill and we know this article will be thought provoking for you as well.


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